Crysis 3: “How Far Can We Push This?”: OXCGN’s Interview with Mike Read – Crysis 3 Producer


"February seems to be a huge month for EA, with the release of Dead Space 3 and Crysis 3, both the final installments in their respective trilogies, and both drastically changing the direction of the series.

Where one game moves away from the slow and horrific corridors of space to appeal to a broader audience, the other tries to combine the better features of the previous installments to please its fans."

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BadCircuit2442d ago

I really wish games would get out of bloody New York. At least this one will see it covered with jungle :)

gaminoz2442d ago

I hear ya:

Look here:

The bow sure is going to be popular this year :)

shutUpAndTakeMyMoney2442d ago

I crytek could push themselves and make other things than shooters.

Tyre2442d ago

And U could push urself not to run ur mouth at every Crytek/Crysis articles...Crytek make very good FPS, in my opinion more advanced than most current FPSs. Their direction with FPSs is great, so plz stop trying to be the smart guy and wait till u have played the SP of Crysis 3 before dismissing it beforehand...and that goes for most PC Nerds commenting on Crytek articles.

BuffMordecai2442d ago

From what I played on console, it looks worse than 2.

Tyre2442d ago

It looks great, but the SP will look Super.

mochachino2442d ago

A lot worse, it's so blurry.

Proeliator2442d ago

I'm kind of interested in the stealth mechanics. I know it's not a stealth game, but the ability to creep around is a good plus for someone like me.

BullyMangler2442d ago

push what? . the amount of detail on the copy and paste environments and character modeLs .? . very unique team here .

Belgavion2442d ago

MP beta is underwhelming but I still have faith this will be killer

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