Why the Next Xbox (Probably) Won’t Block Your Used Games

A look at some of the reasons the next Xbox is unlikely to block your used games.

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MultiConsoleGamer2082d ago

If Microsoft does it, Sony will do it.

NatureOfLogic2082d ago

lol keep dreaming. Microsoft will block used games and sony will crush them next gen. That seems more likely

AztecFalcon2082d ago

If they do, they will fail.

joab7772081d ago

Exactly. They wont do it. They will do everything possible to help the used game induatry die but blocking used games is suicide because the other one wont.

Here is how u kill the used game market while making gamers happy. Create ur own steam service. And sell digital copies for less than physical. Also, create a reward program. This way we get the sell nack discount, a discount on new games and we can keep it forever.

Godmars2902082d ago

I think the always online is and will be the more larger issue, if its announced.

Not that it makes a difference when most games today are online reliant with some already requiring a constant connection.

PrimeLantern2082d ago

Some people don't play MMO's because of the always on aspect. I think that "some" people will turn into a lot of people if the next Xbox is always on.

dubt722081d ago

Perhaps one of the most poorly written "articles" I've come across in a while. The grammar and syntax are just atrocious. I almost hope that this was a translation from another language.