Mario Kart Wii's text chat - why bother?

The Nintendo community was enraged/baffled by Nintendo's stance on chatting in Mario Kart Wii. Instead of an open text chat, preset text bubbles are the standard way of communication. Why is Nintendo even bothering with text bubbles in the first place? Who would have guessed that the DS would lead the way in online communication for Nintendo? GoNintendo discusses the topic, in detail.

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Maddens Raiders4194d ago (Edited 4194d ago )

Wii is the people's console, and people are tired of talking. People are tired of texting. Hell, people the world over want preset text bubbles -- I know I do. I really wish WarHawk, Motorstorm and COD4 would've gone this route, and I know that the fans of Gears, UT3 and Halo wish that Epic and Bungie would've considered preset text bubbles first -- those games don't stand a chance next to Nintendo's plan. One day all of the real gamers will wake up and understand that Wii is the future. The Wii is pure unadultarated next-gen gaming, period.

BrotherNick4194d ago

LOL, funny. I see those games as needing voice chat, cause you need strategy and some sort of teamwork.

Intrepid4194d ago

Your hyperbolical sarcasm isn't appreciated. I do agree that this is the WRONG ROUTE to take and that Nintendo is waaay to focused on pleasing 'mommy,' but I'm not ignorant to the fact that the Wii has great potential and can, in fact, handle a pleasing online experience. I think the idiots making decisions at Nintendo will wake up sooner or later.

Bnet3434194d ago

Handle a pleasing online experience? You must of missed the "Friend Codes" part.

Intrepid4194d ago

You must have missed when I mentioned 'potential' and 'can.' I never said 'Wii has the best online experience ever!'

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l Drop Dead Ed l4194d ago

silly Nintendo! When are you going to let us speak! Guy's I'm pretty sure Nintendo is never going to get the picture until Japan shows it to quit your baby crying...nothing can stop the massive underdeveloped yet most ridden Train known as Nintendo. It doesn't matter once Smash Bros. comes out everyone will forget this all happened :)

Bnet3434194d ago

Nintendo sucks balls right now. They just want to sit on their asses and let the DS and Wii print money. Bunch of assholes. What's after Brawl? Seriously? 2008? Nintendo? Hello?

Sheddi4194d ago

i really hate wii, i dont see it as a next-gen console.

darkside4194d ago (Edited 4194d ago )

NINTENDO IS GOING TO HAVE A EPIC FAIL!!!!!! if Nintendo thinks it can win with out online improvement they are so dead wrong. look at PS3 and XBOX360.