Pachter: Sony's Jack Tretton "Totally Opposed to Blocking Used Games"

According to market analyst, Michael Pachter, who recounted a meeting he had with Tretton at E3.

"He said, 'for the record, I'm totally opposed to blocking used games. I think it's great for the consumer that they can buy those. We have a customer that buys our console late in the cycle, pays less, is looking for value priced games, and I think it would be anti-consumer for us to do that'," Pachter told

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Prodigy-X2443d ago

Looks like PS4 will play used games then.

fermcr2443d ago

Any next gen console that doesn't permit playing used games, is a NO buy for me.

As this goes, the PS4 is a buy for me.

shivvy242443d ago

i always buy it new even if its many years old , so i really dont have a problem with it , but if ps4 would block used games i can see it affect others that do go for the cheaper option ! but i think its great that they wont block it

shutUpAndTakeMyMoney2443d ago (Edited 2443d ago )

This should kill every future ps4 used game rumor.

But then again news from 269 days ago.
"Sony CEO Jack Tretton 'totally opposed to blocking used games'"

He should also say "We are not doomed".
To stop the doom articles.

Only MS has the balls to do this imo.. They charge for multiplayer.. Everywhere else on earth it's free. They are really like apple for the console market.

deSSy27242443d ago

Thats exactly why i have much more interests for PS4 and Wii U, online is free..... maybe Xbox 720 too but only for SP games and exclusive games (i heard MS has 4 new IPs in plans for next gen hmmm)....

Root2443d ago

You know I never understood why they havent said something regarding the doom and gloom Sony gets all the time these days

Even a joke at E3 or something about it would be funny to me

JoGam2443d ago

Maybe they will implement an extra fee to play used games sorta like they do when you buy online pass for multiplayer. I just hope Sony somehow allow used games because if they dont and Being that Jack made the statemen it would be a contradiction.

Kur02443d ago

to be honest online passes really aren't that bad when you think of how much money they probably pay to keep servers up. Its only bad when EA does it because they like to close game servers after only 2 years for their sports games.

3-4-52443d ago

And if PS does then so will's dumb for either side not too.

MikeMyers2443d ago

Pretty much but one thing people forget, it is the 3rd party publishers who may have more input. Steam already does this to an extent and they don't seem to get nearly the same backlash.

rainslacker2443d ago

I'm fairly sure it will. But Tretton isn't the end all be all of Sony. His personal views may not make a difference in board room decisions when they start looking at market analysis, where more money would mean cutting out used theory at least.

I'm sure most board members of all companies who are gamers, or even somewhat consumer friendly, feel much the same way as Tretton. But these guys are business men, and to that end they have a responsibility to their company and investors to turn as much profit as possible.

Either way I'm doubting either system will block used games. I don't think either MS/Nintendo/Sony want to receive the fallout among their consumers for that decision.

Sniperwithacause2443d ago

Agree. Just because Jack dislikes the idea, doesn't mean everyone at Sony feels the same way.

TheGamerDood2443d ago (Edited 2443d ago )

"His personal views may not make a difference in board room decisions"

Whenever he's being interview he's talking on behalf of the company and not expressing his own personal belief.

"One console manufacture can't go into it alone because they'll just shoot themselves in the foot."

Which is why Sony will let them. lol But I think after the backlash MS will change directions on this issue, because either you allow users to play used games on your system or you won't sell any games at all.

rainslacker2443d ago

I don't disagree. However he was asked his personal opinion on the matter, and that's the answer he gave. For all we know Sony has discussed this issue at length, and that may be what the company line is. That doesn't necessarily mean that it is what they would do. Like I said they have to make business decisions, and sometimes personal feelings have to be set aside.

Just seeing Kaz over the years he seems to be a gamer. I'm sure his views aren't much different. But that doesn't mean what's good for them personally is good for business...however I think they realize what you say, that this decision would be momentous, and not something that should be pursued lightly.

Given the amount of hyperbole spewed by the publishers on this matter, it's hard to discern the facts over actual lost revenue. One thing I know for sure though is that it is anti-consumer, and basically takes away all ownership rights, to which I am completely opposed, as apparently are many others.

Thatguy-3102443d ago

Honestly if Microsoft rumors are true I believe sony will follow. Microsoft is going with blue ray disc's which to me if they do it I'm pretty sure sony will too. One console manufacture can't go into it alone because they'll just shoot themselves in the foot.

Mounce2443d ago

Sony Meeting with every management-staff in a room...

"Just as Planned..." *twiddles fingers together with a bottle of wine for each*

Microsoft, you gonna go against used games? Naw, Sony's all for the gamers...Cmon in, buy a PS4~ . . .

ziggurcat2443d ago

there was no proof to suggest that it was going to do that to begin with.

knee-jerk reactions to a filed patent (an identical patent was filed prior to the PS3 launch, btw), and unsubstantiated rumours =/= no used games on the next playstation.

DOMination-2443d ago

There's no proof that MS are either. These "rumours" have been around for ten years. I don't think it'll ever happen for physical media. Besides the EU probably wouldn't allow it

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BitbyDeath2443d ago (Edited 2443d ago )

Good, i need somewhere to trade my old games into.

miyamoto2443d ago (Edited 2443d ago )

Jack said this many times before though i did not like Uncharted 4 MP online pass.

As always Kotaku is full of it
"desperate for hits"- Hideki Kamiya

MattyG2443d ago

You realize Kotaku isn't the only site that said this, right? That rumor has been reported nearly everywhere by now.

DarkBlood2443d ago

lol, must be a blackhole causing a time disturbence :P

miyamoto2443d ago (Edited 2443d ago )

LOL Uncharted 3 I mean....
glad you notice that. XD

kma2k2443d ago

Im looking forward to the day when this is confirmed. I have used gamefly for the last 2 years & i have gotten used to having a new game to play every week & really dont want to go back to buying games!

riverstars862443d ago

Yea, if both systems end up blocking used games, it makes you wonder what will Gamefly do to adapt to this news? I hope there is something out there to keep this company sustainable, I just don't know what that will be.

kma2k2442d ago

yea ive been thinking & worrying about it to. Maybe they work out some kind of deal to get some kind of dlc codes or something like that. If my monthly fee had to go up by $5.00 a month to make this happen i will be fine with that.

In just over two years ive been sent just shy of $7,000 worth of games (yes i have a spreadsheet) & its only cost me just over $800. Wow i hadnt done the math to realise im paying about $5.00 per game & of the 161 games ive gotten 74 of them i got on launch day, I got dead space 3 yesterday & it cost me around $5.00 insane to think of it that way!

Trenta272443d ago

While this information is cool and all, all I want is for Pachter to SHUT UP -.-

LOGICWINS2443d ago

Agreed. When someone asks Pachter a question, he shouldn't respond...just to appease you, a random person on the Internet.

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