Will Sony's Premature PS4 Announcement Pave The Way For Microsoft At E3 2013? "Sony have recently invited gaming journalists from major online publications to reveal what is believed to be their future plans with regards to the PlayStation brand. It is commonly believed that this will include the announcement of the PlayStation 4, but Sony of course have not commented on this rumour."

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GribbleGrunger2440d ago (Edited 2440d ago )

Premature? I'd say it was quite a clever move myself. Get the opposition on the back foot and then hit them hard. Sony play chess with guile and finesse while Microsoft play poker with bluffs and a large pots. And, no, it doesn't pave the way for Microsoft at E3. Do people really think that Sony are going to make all their moves this month?

Abash2440d ago (Edited 2440d ago )

Sony has confidence the PS4 announcement will be a tough act to follow, thats why they are doing it so early

MikeMyers2440d ago

The same can be said about Microsoft and Nintendo. The Wii U is already out and Microsoft said awhile ago bring it on with a countdown to E3.

These systems are years in the making and they don't just make spur of the moment decisions on when to announce things. 2013 could very well be an exciting year with Valve, Microsoft and Sony all going to battle.

We are already seeing things out of the ordinary like Microsoft's early comment, Nintendo Direct announcement, Valve and their openness about Steambox, and now Sony announcing a major event on Feb. 20th. I think they know how much the landscape has changed over the years and you have to adapt or die and try new ways to market your product.

TheGamerDood2440d ago (Edited 2440d ago )

How the hell is it premature to bringing a product to market sooner than expected, especially after this gen has gone on longer than it should have. If it had been MS showing new hardware it would have been considered a brilliant strategic move.

miyamoto2439d ago

Sony PlayStation has never been late or too early to the party.

bangshi2439d ago

@TheGamerDood bringing something sooner than expected is pretty much the definition of premature.

Don't panic, though I see what you mean and I agree with you.

This is not premature. We all know consoles are coming 2013.

This event will show the PS4 and we will get more gaming news and pricing at E3 followed by I think an October launch.

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mephman2440d ago (Edited 2440d ago )

You say that, but the whole NGP reveal followed by the Vita reveal at E3... wasn't so great. If they'd have just done a reveal at E3, the hype would have been better.

wishingW3L2440d ago

the hype was incredible the problem is that Nintendo did a desperate price-cut and the masses flocked to it.

ILive2440d ago

The ps4 and the vita are 2 different things. I dont see the announcement as premature. These article needs a title change. If the ps4 was backwards compatible, would it still be premature?

NatureOfLogic2440d ago

The only reason the 360 is even relevant right now is because it was first to launch. I can't wait to see how ms do against sony head to head. I think ms should be worried big time.

UnholyLight2439d ago


Are you serious man? Both companies are going to have some revolutionary stuff. I highly doubt Microsoft is even worried about Sony. They've been working really hard and secretively for how long now? I find it incredibly stupid to say such things that Microsoft is in trouble when neither has tipped their hand yet.

Incredibly stupid...Both companies are going to blow us away with what they have to offer. Just look at the types of positions and whatnot they have been hiring for.

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LOGICWINS2440d ago

"Sony play chess with guile and finesse while Microsoft play poker with bluffs and a large pots."

Seems you have some inside information on Microsoft's next console to say that they're "bluffing". Care to share, or are you under some sort of contract?

Saigon2440d ago

I think he is referring more to how each company handles their business transactions. In reality its pretty much close to spot on...

Ron_Danger2440d ago

Bluffing: see Kinect advertising

GribbleGrunger2440d ago (Edited 2440d ago )

Well, I wasn't being literal, Logic, I was waxing lyrical, but I'd say there's more than a thread of truth in my analogy. The two posters above me and below you understood where I was coming from.

LOGICWINS2440d ago

Oh thats a shame. Was hoping for some solid info on the 720. Either way, we'll see if Sony's bluffing on the 20th :)

Septic2439d ago

Sony don't bluff? What about the E3 where they unveiled the so-called in-game tech demos? That was finesse was it?

Blind fanboyism ftw!

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Merrill2440d ago

It's not like E3 is the place to make formal console announcements.

Saigon2440d ago

I am starting to agree with that because didn't MS announce the XBox 360 at an MTV event and Sony first announced the first concept of the PS3 at the Tokyo Game Show...

rainslacker2440d ago

Better to announce it before E3 with some information trickling out to get hype going. At E3 they're going to want more than just the PS4 to have some of the spotlight. E3 is a place to show off the features announced along with games and other features not mentioned to keep the hype going. All that gives people something exciting to look forward to at E3.

GalacticEmpire2440d ago

PS4 is a wizard and as we all know...

A wizard is never late, nor is he early, he arrives precisely when he means to.

ZoyosJD2440d ago

E3...LOL. If Sony only announces the PS4 and leave the price and release date for E3 all we will hear about is E3 hype for all these next gen games that are currently slated "only for PS4" or "next gen consoles" for the next 4 months. I don't think so. I wouldn't be surprised is MS has their teaser(not announcement) ready before Feb 20th just to stir the pot.

Skate-AK2440d ago

Bubs. That was an awesome comparison.

Mounce2440d ago

My thinking, or that Sony makes it seem like they're going to take it slow and take their time. They said quite soundly that they're not going to be 'last in the race' again after PS3. Then all of a sudden a few months ago they're like "Go ahead Microsoft..."... It's either a clever bluff to make Microsoft think they have more time to tweak things out similar to the 360 and its hardware being poorly overlooked and rushed out. Or, Sony just is showing PS4 but actually do intent to be 'last' but thought of a way not to get screwed as hard as launch aka Price point.

I'd expect Sony to rush Microsoft again if they were bluffing, which I'm more inclined to believe is what they're doing....starting the hype though, will they follow through and continue the hype and make a big launch earlier than most expect?....

I'd be hard pressed....if any MGS game or, FF13Versus....the Last Guardian....Agency....all those games lost and more became launch titles? (MGS wise, Ground Zeroes is possible)... Well, I'd probably buy it at launch. Easy.

AngelicIceDiamond2439d ago

@Grunge Bluffs? As far as I'm concerned MS out of the two deliver on their announcements at E3. And I don't mean their recent E3's (though they delivered on those) I'm talking about MS's early E3's when they were actually good.

Nintendo's Vitality sensor still doesn't exist. Wii U's third party exclusivity. Ninja Gaiden Razors Edge is now multiplat.

Sony's Agent and Last Guardian aren't around.

I'm just trying to make a point. So far MS usually delivers on their announcements at E3.

DOMination-2439d ago

Actually the last few years Sony have announced everything before e3 and not had anything new to show at their conference. I hope they don't do that this year.

lonix2439d ago

it really comes down to who releases first.

hopefully sony wont miss the boat this time.

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fluffydelusions2440d ago

We know nothing of any next gen consoles yet. Let's wait and see.

PirateThom2440d ago

Sony, if they announce the PS4 at this event, have their entire E3 conference to focus on games.

If Microsoft announce at E3, they have to split their time between the console, features and games.

It's really no odds, they're still going to be hyped up to max and, when it comes down to it, sales of the next Microsoft console will be higher in the US, sales of the next Sony console will be higher in Europe and Japan. Hype won't change that.

Eskimo Keith2440d ago

I agree, Sony will have more time for their games and if they have an impressive line up like I'm hoping it will, it'll be a spectacular show. However, if Microsoft announce a console at the same show, the gaming press will more likely want to cover their new console along with any games they are showcasing around the same time.

I truly am looking forward to E3 and indeed the 20th because Sony and Microsoft along with their 1st party developers have mostly been keeping quiet, which usually means new games and a reason to get excited.

rainslacker2440d ago

Both would get coverage either way. One of the nice things of the internet is there is not limited space to cover everything. One may overshadow the other. Given MS E3 shows of the past few years it's hard to see them overshadowing Sony who focus primarily on games at E3.

DOMination-2439d ago

Don't forget the four montages set to euro dance music Sony always bring to e3!

But yeah true. If they do a full recall now of the hardware they don't need to repeat it all at e3 freeing up time to talk about games or sales numbers

Gamer19822440d ago

Indeed it depends whats more important to you, games or new console announcement. To Xbox fans it will be the console as they have been waiting but gamers in general it will be games. So very clever for Sony.

LOL_WUT2440d ago

Premature? Seems like someones bitter that Sony beat them to the punch. ;)

Eskimo Keith2440d ago

Not particularly, Microsoft beat them out of the gate last time and Sony benefited from the extra time by beefing up their console. Not to mention their lucky break that Xbox's were red ringing all over the place around the one year mark.

And as for bitterness, I only feel that way toward Microsoft when I came to the realisation that I was paying a gold subscription for what I could do on the PS3 and PC all along for free. Not to mention their constant renovations to the now barely recognisable home screen. Seriously, how many menus do I have to go through to get to my downloaded demos?

ILive2440d ago (Edited 2440d ago )

Why do people make such comments: "microsoft beat them out of the gate last time and Sony benefited from extra time by beefing up their console." Tell me, how could they beef up an already completed console? Did you even know why they delayed the ps3? Its just like people quoting kaz about letting ms make the first move before revealing their console. Sony just csnt change the specs of a console that as been in development for years after seeing what ms has to offer. Its nonsensical, and many eat it up. I would say that sony is better prepared, and that is why they are ready to reveal the console by avoiding the mistakes with the ps3.

kneon2440d ago

It's obvious why the PS3 didn't launch earlier, Bluray wasn't ready. They wanted to launch with Bluray and HDMI 1.3 both of which were only finalized in the first half of 2006.

They had no option but to wait.

Walker2440d ago

Premature?! lol . This is absolutely a clever move !