What will we see in the PlayStation 4 event?

Since the first trailer was released on 1 February, several major media have confirmed that the company will announce their new console, and even the very head of Sony, Shuhei Yoshida, hinted via his Twitter account that well would.

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NukaCola3887d ago

I think we will get a tech model, a code name, a couple of games to showcase, the DS4 controller reveal and of course a ton of focus on the future of PSN/SEN with some hopeful CLOUD reveal as well. And I am also hoping for some updates to how the PS4 and Vita will work together. I'm overly hyped, I know it. I am braced though in case it's not what we expect so I don't break down hard. But if they drop the PS4.....I will begin to crap bricks.

JoGam3887d ago

To be honest im really looking forward to a DS3 redesign.

RTheRebel3887d ago

they already leaked the controller in neogaf if its true or not
bigger dualshock but has that back feature[whatever its called] of the vita in the center of contoller ps4

Bathyj3887d ago (Edited 3887d ago )

So why is no one discussing whether DS3 will remain largely unchanged, but Vita could be used on any game as a standard feature with bonus functionality if you choose to use it?

Maybe Vita isnt as comfortable as a DS3. But it would give more incentive to have one.

BitbyDeath3887d ago

That'd be way too expensive.

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Majin-vegeta3887d ago

Who want's to bet if Sony does not announce the PS4 the media is gonna burn them to the ground?

LOGICWINS3887d ago

Whatever the media does will PALE in comparison to what irate console warriors will do to the PS Blog's servers for several days after the 20th. Either way, I win.

With Ascension, MGS: Rising, KZ: Mercenary, Bioshock: Infinite, The Last of Us, and GTAV coming out this year, I'll be too poor to buy a PS4 anyways.

JoGam3887d ago

Tell me about it. Im saving up now. I didn't even know Sly dropped tues.

matgrowcott3887d ago

If Sony don't announce the PS4, they deserve it.

These marketing campaigns aren't done by some random guy on the internet. They take lots of people lots of time and lots of money to make. Studies are done. Then they have to be approved by high execs.

If it went through all of these people and nobody went "Shucks, I hope nobody gets the wrong idea about us announcing we're going to show the future of the brand," they deserve to suffer from the widespread anticlimax.

MultiConsoleGamer3887d ago

A look at upcoming PS3 games like The Last of Us.

Potential PS3 game surprise.

Strong Vita support. Lots of games, possible price drop, new PSN content like PS1 classics, mobile content, etc.

Potential PS4 announcement.

If all of these things happen I will be a very happy man.

Bowzabub3887d ago

You would have to think that Sony would squash this if it wasn't going to happen. If not then they are dumb as hell.

DivineAssault 3887d ago

we will see the beginning of nx gen