Remember Me Gameplay - Memorable or Forgettable?

Gamespot writes:

'Capcom's futuristic, amnesia-fuelled 3rd person adventure Remember Me was the proverbial french toast of Gamescom 2012. 6 months on, how exactly is DONTNOD's first game shaping up? This gameplay, fresh from a recent Paris showcase, should help you decide for yourself.'

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jc485732443d ago

I like how they've added textures/details on the characters this time around, but that beat em up gameplay looks rather boring. Slow and rather generic to be honest.

panbit862443d ago

I can't wait for this! I love the art direction and the whole concept!

akaakaaka2443d ago

that pause in the fighting seem really weird and annoying :/
similar to INfamous but not even near as good or deep(since in INf you could do mutch more, fly, shoot powers, etc) and the enemy is useless non challenging (AC2 game play>this game play, they should have copy AC fighting system) but like I say in the other news, the atmosphere seem very well done, deep! but something is missing the action seem lame..

KwietStorm2443d ago

I always felt the combat in Assassin's Creed was one of the weakest points of the game. I would never want another game to copy that.

Ju2443d ago

I was wondering the same thing. Animations seems nice, and all. But those cops respawn endlessly and just stand there waiting to get spanked. Unless this is some dumbed down demo mode or something. Well, it's not done yet. So; we shall see. Pretty game. PC or next gen, huh (first video).

Agheil2443d ago

Everything else seems interesting but wow that fighting system had me FF.

TitanUp2443d ago

don't like all the markers that tell us exactly where to go. hopefully this is just in the demo version

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