What Made Wave Race 64 So Darn Special?

Few N64 games are as beautiful as Wave Race 64. We thought we’d get our cameras out and take a closer look at the impressive amount of detail on show in this exceptional watercraft racer.

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Gr812450d ago

A classic. One of the best unique racing games ever.

drsnoopyseussdog2450d ago

Ive spent more time with waverace 64 than with mario kart 64 XD

BullyMangler2449d ago

tsss . Waverace64 is another reason why Nintendo's 64 is King . .

Megaton2449d ago

Very fond memories of this game. They should make a new one.

Toon_Link2449d ago

I remember playing this game for hours at a time with my buddies.

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The story is too old to be commented.