Analysis: video game tax supporters barked up wrong tree

Ben Kuchera of Ars Technica writes: "These days it can be hard to get kids out of the house. Between the hundreds of channels of cable television, the piles of video games, and the Internet, the life children lead inside their own heads can be as rewarding and safe as venturing out into the great wide world. This is, of course, assuming there is a wide world out there for kids; in many urban areas there simply aren't many safe places to play. The Sierra Club in New Mexico thought it had the answer to this conundrum: legislation that would place a 1 percent tax on the sale of televisions and video games, and then use that money to fund outdoors activities. The law even had a cute name, 'No Child Left Inside.'

Unsurprisingly, the law died a quick death in the New Mexico state legislature. Courts have shown again and again that games are considered protected speech, and trying to figure out why children are staying inside is a complex issue."

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