ExtremeTech: Build an $800 Gaming PC

ExtremeTech writes:
"Gaming computers cost several thousand dollars, right? That's common knowledge, you'd think. Of course, those of us in the do-it-yourself community know better. You can build a perfectly capable gaming PC for little money. In fact, for years we've been challenging ourselves to build a decent gaming rig for less than $800.

Sacrifices must be made for such an inexpensive gaming rig. With a $1,000 price point, you could do a lot more. But picking a price point that is easy, that requires no tough decisions, isn't the point. The point is to show that large-scale OEMs, the guys who do the most volume at these prices, could certainly sell you a good gaming PC for this price if they wanted to. For the most part, they don't, and that's the power of building your own computer-you can get what you wouldn't buy elsewhere."

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OmegaKulu4190d ago

You can cut down more on mobo and cpu evenmore, over clock it and it will run just as good. the 800 price tag can be lowered $150 or even more if you know what to get.

Bleucrunch4190d ago

I think that a $1000 can get a decent gaming pc the specs that they show is not something that I would totally agree with but some of the things in the setup is cool. But for me:

1. Bigger Hard drive.....500gb
2.Stonger Motherboard.....I cant remember which model # but it is an asus
3. powersupply.....500 watts and up
4. Operating system......XP pro (home is very limited network wise)

I guess everything is ok but I have a little concern for the video card.

BludoTheSmelly4190d ago

You can make an excellent system. Is it jaw droppingly quick? no, but it can handle any modern game u throw at it.

GETPWNED4190d ago

Nice article, but 500 dollars too much. What a shame. Don't people know PC gaming is dead? This article reminds me of M$/Toshiba trying to sell HD DVD players for 50 bucks. Just give up.

Azurite4190d ago

Wish things were dirt cheap in Europe, like the US, too.

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