CheatCC Hands-On Preview: Ninja Gaiden: Dragon Sword - A Stylus-Swinging Workout

CheatCC writes: "So, while the Mario-loving masses got their brawl on a few feet away, we stood in the corner frantically hacking and slashing, via stylus, through Dragon Sword's first level. This portable powerhouse struck us immediately with its use of the DS; like Brain Age and Hotel Dusk, Dragon Sword has you holding the dual-screened platform like a book. This, at first, seemed like an odd choice for an action-driven game, but with the acrobatic action extending to all corners of the screen, we quickly realized a vertical display was the right choice to appropriately frame all the top-to-bottom fiend-slaying. Additionally, the set-up allows for one hand to comfortably hold the DS, freeing up the other for dedicated stylus slicing. And we certainly needed to favor that stylus-clutching hand as Dragon Sword gave us a workout with near 100% of its controls being delivered through the pen-like peripheral. "

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