Poll: PCs or Gaming Consoles?

Despite the fact that consoles have become the primary platform for most gamers, there is still a die-hard fanbase that prefer PCs based on factors like the online experience you get with games like WOW, the level of control that a keyboard and mouse can bring, as well as the potential for better performance. So the question is, where do your loyalties lie? Do you prefer PCs or consoles for gaming?

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decapitator4006d ago

With, the rising cost of PC gaming and the ridiculous requirements for games, I pick consoles as my default gaming systems and PC for everything school and work related.

gonzopia4006d ago

You can actually get a great gaming system for the cost of a console, so the high price argument only applies for hardcore gamers who need THE BEST everything. I'm a PC gamer first and foremost - but lately I've found myself drawn in to my PS3 more and more because it's just more comfortable to play from the couch. The console is a part of the media/entertainment system, which is where I'm usually located when I want to access media/be entertained. The PC is becoming the productivity tool.

Harry1904006d ago

consoles are better.
greater variety on offer
and more comfortable.

BeaArthur4006d ago

I would play on my computer if I felt like paying hundreds of dollars for hardware upgrades every other year. I'll stick with the one time fee of the console over the constant headaches a PC can offer. Not to say I don't like PC games but I prefer the ease of just having to buy the console and the games and not worry about anything else for 5 years when the next one comes out.

Rageanitus4006d ago

Pc gaming has never really increased in price

theox2g74006d ago (Edited 4006d ago )

@ Rageanitus,

exactly, i don't get these ppl either, everybody is saying rising cost of pc when as a matter of fact things have gotten cheaper and it is now easier than ever to build a pc, unless u just found about pc gaming a few years ago or have been a console gamer exclusively, then u probably know that back in the day voodoo cards cost a whole lot more than today's high 8800s and still used lag on the new 3d games with opengl and 3dfx. Almost every game was impossible to be maxed out in those times so the chunk of us pc gamers had to be satisfied with 640x480 lowest settings, now today look at the heavy competition with hardware slashes here and there, u can get a quad core for what $200? and this technology just came out, newer cards offering bang for buck in the sub $250 price range and prices will drop even further with the release of the 9 series cards and hd4 series to the $100 range, i don't know how many of you want to keep believing that $$$$$ myth which is only true if u rip urself off at alienware and get unnecessary things such as a $300 ugly case and $500 chunky liquid cooling, installations and handling your pc has gotten easier over the years with the improvement of OS, most games are auto patched, halo 2 vista introduced tray and play like consoles which will be implemented in the future Games For Windows titles, back in the day gamepads weren't as popular but now almost every game that comes out for pc has gamepad support and is optimized with rumble for the 360 pad, sixaxis and wiimote/nunchuk can also be used with scripts for games, modding to get infinite replay value, the freedom on the pc platform is priceless,

and then some of them say pc gaming is dying because some developers are jumping ship and sales figures are stagnating in US(only place in the world) completely ignoring the rest of the world and digital distribution, NPD still using a 10 year old model to track an ever evolving industry are used as a reference point to say pc gaming has declined when in fact that recent gaming alliance did research including digital distribution with rough estimates that pc gaming has rather grown and flourished, the holiday season was literally saturated with heavy pc titles and console to pc games, it was flooded and yet most of the games sold really well, the super demanding crysis went over a million proving u don't need a super computer to enjoy it cos even on medium/low, it is an excellent shooter with visuals that rival most console shooters, orange box on pc outsold 360 and ps3 versions combined, why? because they counted digital distribution, and as for developers who are moving from pc to consoles, other developers are also bringing new consoles IPs to pc as well, it's a fair trade, both industries are merging, it's a good thing that all gamers can enjoy all games without b1tching like fanboys that my game is better than yours, just enjoy your games,

everybody seems to forget that a pc is not as limited in abilities as a console when they are making direct price comparisons, a standard dual core, 8800gt/HD3870, 2gb ram rig should run you about $500-$600 and can max every game out there except crysis on ur hdtv with true pixel by pixel hd resolutions of 720 and 1080, u get a machine that does a million things consoles can't do, saves you $10 on every multiplat with superior graphics and modding ability, you get a new powerful pc that enhances ur multitasking ability, an all in one media center workstation, dual core/quad core technologies haven't been tapped into yet so need to upgrade won't be there as much,

Apart from that, ppl complain about headaches such as patches, updates and installs. These things have gotten better not worse. Installs have evolved from strenuous command line sound blaster configs to simple click next next finish installs, it is vice versa for consoles in these fields, now with console gamers waiting on developers to release patches or getting firmware updates and sometimes even installs which might even lead to the hideous idea of upgrading your hard drive, that hassle-free argument is getting less and less relevant as consoles are becoming more like pcs every gen,

It's all a matter of preference, consoles are not definitely cheaper than pcs in value, it's a matter of perspective, it would be more expensive for me to get a console now for my purpose as i can't justify paying $400 just a gaming box that can also play movies, A good high spec pc is a necessity for me and my work/living but a console isn't, I can get a whole more out of my $900 rig than a $400 console, it suits me better and is more convenient to have an all in one device hooked to my hdtv, that's why i like the iphone also(which i use as my wireless mouse via vnc), plus with the tons of console exclusives also crossing over to pc with extra content and slightly cheaper price tags, plus i get to play console classics such as the final fantasy games, kingdom hearts, goldeneye/perfect dark, soul calibur 1, mario/zelda 64, DOA 2 in glorious HD resolutions through emulators, i'm more than satisfied with my pc experience, until i get enough spare change to shell out for a console which may be a ps3, i don't see myself getting one anytime soon

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mighty_douche4006d ago

I can imagine this thread getting pretty heated.

But here's my opinion, as much as i love console's, ill always prefer my PC, its just better suited for the games i tend to play.

Of course, if i have friends over, its the console that takes centre stage as its generally more social.

Vip3r4006d ago

I like both but consoles tent to be cheaper and easier to use in the sense that you don't have to worry about viruses and having to upgrade lots of different pieces of hardware and software. But PCs are great to have when you can play any game up full and there's no slowdown to worry about.

TheIneffableBob4006d ago

I am both a PC and console gamer, but I prefer the PC.
Simply put, I have more fun with the games.

decapitator4006d ago

Agree somewhat. If you have the money to build a super gaming rig that can run crysis MAX, then thats the way to go.

TheIneffableBob4006d ago

Even a machine that runs Crysis on medium will be able to play most PC games at near max settings.

fermcr4005d ago

yep, still prefer my PC over console... i spend much more time on the PC and play more games.

You bought an Xbox4006d ago

Between a Pc or the KaKBox it would be the Pc
But if it was between the Pc and a PS3 it would be the PS3 all the way
And the wii aint even worth a damm mention

Harry1904006d ago

i'm not much into the sims anyway.
the word is potential.

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