PS3 box contents revealed?

Apparently, brochures from Sony found their way to some Japanese retailers. The brochure includes specs of the PS3 box.

PS3 hardware
1 x controller
1 x USB cable
1 x Stereo AV cable (Stereo AV, Component, D-terminal, multi-terminal), HDMI cable available separately
1 x LAN cable
1 x Power cable

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DJ4987d ago

Comes with an AV/Component Cable and a USB standard->mini cord. It's great that Sony gave the Sixaxis controller a usb-mini input; that way you can use the same cord(s) for both charging the controllers and uploading to your PSP, or vice versa.

calderra4987d ago

There's no confirmation the controller uses the USB cable. In fact, all it says AT ALL is that it's a USB cable. It could just be a tie-in to the PSP, as noted in the article.

Arkham4986d ago

The "confirmation" can be inferred. It's a USB port on the back of the controller, and a USB cable is all that's neede to charge it. I think we can safely assume that the cable will do double-duty.

360pluswiiequalsps34981d ago

i suppose we spend another 40dollars or hang controller to usb cable all the time

kmis874987d ago

It's not bad, kinda wished they'd put in a second controller or one of those legacy memory card readers though.

Chainblade4987d ago

USB cable? Nessecary? Really?

kmis874987d ago

The controller plugs into the ps3 with the usb cable and thats how it charges the batteries for it.

TheMART4987d ago

HaHa congratulations with one of the first articles you've posted contributing to this site.

Second, so no HDMI cable delivered with it? I guess it's not nescessary yet Sony if you don't deliver it with the package?

So component is still the standard, good to see. I guess the only reason not to deliver a HDMI cable with it

DJ4987d ago

So expecting them to include an expensive HDMI cable when most people can't even use it would be a bit unrealistic. It comes with AV and Component, which is perfect for the vast majority of consumers at the moment.
On another note I found this interview about the HD-DVD add-on, and the point where the interviewer nails the sales representative about disc capacity for games is priceless. His answer to every difficult question is "Well, um, technology is an amazing thing."

He also lies through his teeth at 3:40. "Blu-ray is old technology already. The compression that they use is old technology." He totally ignores the fact that all Blu-ray players(including the one in PS3) support VC-1, the same format that HD-DVD uses. Hmmm.

ronin_oni4987d ago

Yea uhh, I'm guessing your buying your PS3 on Ebay, cause the 60gig PS3 that I'm going to buy is only $599

joemutt4987d ago

Sony made a big deal about it, but then sells it seperately. I dont mind all the add-ons, I would never use the memory card, so I wouldnt have to buy it.

But to get "True Next-Gen" i guess you have to buy the cables seperately.

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The story is too old to be commented.