Are Fans To Blame For Lower Than Expected 'DmC' Sales?

Forbes - Did fans of Devil May Cry destroy the brand by not buying the reboot?

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zerocrossing2444d ago (Edited 2444d ago )

"Are Fans To Blame For Lower Than Expected 'DmC' Sales?"

Maybe, are Capcom and NT to blame for alienating the core fanbase in an attempt to appeal to the lowest common denominator? They sure are.

Root2444d ago

We all saw these types of articles coming

They p***** off the old DMC fanbase, they called the old creator, they called the old games, the called the fans, they have been arrogant thinking their work is better, they've been ignorant ignoring fans complaints and making it look like nothing is wrong and they've also just dug themselfs in a bigger hole the two whole years this was announced.

...and now "we" are to blame

I don't think so

Not to mention the games are terrible as DMC they got good reviews I'll never know. It's like people forgot what made a DMC game...DMC

Dno2444d ago

im sorry but DMC games are not all good games. the ONLY good ones are part 1 and 3. the rest suck and this one is clearly better then 2 and 4 and as good as if not better then 1 and 3.

vallencer2444d ago

Don't lump all the old DMC fanbase together. I'm part of that fanbase but i really enjoyed the new one. Should it have been called something else? Maybe. I honestly hope they make another one but i also hope that they make another Devil May Cry like the originals. I think they can both co exist. The reason it got good reviews was because its a good game. The only bad reviews it got was from pissed off fanboys. Hell some of the metacritic user reviews were just down right dumb. One guy said the combat and story and game was great but because it wasn't the original dante he gave it a zero out of ten. I mean really come on. I think its a shame people didn't put their fanboyism aside and try the game. I think people would have been surprised at how good the game really is.

aCasualGamer2444d ago

It's a good game. It's not a good Devil May Cry game.

The lowest a company can get, when they blame the customers.

guitarded772444d ago

Yeah, I get pissed when an author tries to blame fans and/or gamers in general for poor sales. If they're a "fan" of the series, they probably bought the game, so how are they to blame.

If they're not satisfied with the direction the game/series is going, and decide not to buy it, it's their choice. Most people work hard for their money, and owe NOTHING to any developer/publisher. The developer/publisher in EVERY instance need to remember that they must offer something of quality to get people to spend money on their product, or have very savvy marketing to get people to buy it.

I'm not saying DMC is good or bad, but in the beginning of development, the backlash against emo Dante was evident. That alone put many fans of the series to caution. It's a risk/reward industry. They took a chance, and it's time for gamers to decide if they want to spend their money or not. It is NEVER the gamers fault though.

I remember this crap with Heavenly Sword... how it was the gamer's fault it didn't sell well. And that was from the dev studio. Pissed me off for any development studio to believe that they are owed something.

rdgneoz32444d ago

"The lowest a company can get, when they blame the customers."

NT did that already when they blamed fans for low sales on Heavenly Sword and Enslaved.

thaking1552444d ago

@Dno, Okay 4 might be repetitive but when you get Dante, the gameplay mechanics from Devil May Cry 3 are present but perfected.

The one I would somewhat agree on with you is Devil May Cry 2 which actually should be compared to DmC because this is what happened when the company tried to go in a different direction and instead it turned out to be nothing like the original and also the worst in the franchise, well of course until DmC came along.

I will say, the quote from Dante in DMC 2 is pretty awesome. "King??? Yeah, Here's your Crown!" Epic!!

Where was that in DmC????

Gaming1012444d ago

I know right, the only people who loved past DMC games were total weirdos. Once you alienate those idiots, you've got nothing left. If you can't ignite a new fanbase with a snarky little bitch who looks like he hasn't been to a gym his entire life, of course I'm not buying it, you emo bitches.

miyamoto2444d ago (Edited 2444d ago )

Any comments from Shinji Mikami and Hideki Kamiya-the creators of this franchise?

NT are arrogant as always, anyways.

And this is what happens when you leave your child in the the "care" of strangers who turns out to be arrogant pricks.

I think gamers, not just fans, saw through Capcom and NT's motives and voiced heir opinions by not opening their wallets.

This westernizations by Capcom really needs to end now.

dmC is a mere shadow of its former self. no soul, no identity, no passion, just a lifeless clone

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USEYOURFIST2444d ago (Edited 2444d ago )

dont know how you got a disagree!!!

Ninja theory acted too arrogantly towards the devil may cry fanbase and although they do make good games im sort of glad this has happend as it may cause them to change there attitude..probably wont though!

Nodoze2444d ago (Edited 2444d ago )

Ninja Theory always act that way. They think that they are a gift to game development.

You would think the fact that the last 3 games they made didn't SELL would clue them in.

Perhaps they need to go back to developing Kung Fu Chaos games.

Gotta love how the new lead character in this DMC is a spitting image of the lead dev at NT. That's not cocky at all.

-GametimeUK-2444d ago

Its a reboot that didn't do much to cater to the previous fanbase. In theory this game had to make new fans so this game came in to the scene without a core fanbase.

The fans of the reboot went out on bought it so you can't blame them. I would say the core following for this rebooted franchise is now getting established. Is it lower than expected? In comparison to the previous DMC? Well Capcom shouldn't have rebooted the franchise then lol.

Irishguy952444d ago

"Should fans get the Credit?"

The title should be

bayonetta2444d ago (Edited 2444d ago )

if they like 2 increase the sells of the series
they should listen to the old fans who bring the series to this level , but New dmc is nothing but trying 2 create a new fans and ignore the old one

joab7772444d ago

No. Video game sales are and a saturated game market. I am sure thatit didnt help but weeks after christmas is never the best time to sell a game.

pr0t0typeknuckles2444d ago

lets be honest zero, we as DMC fans all saw these are fans to blame articles coming, heck im pretty sure you or me called it in a previous comment.

Darrius Cole2444d ago

I have a couple of point about this.

1) The customer is always right. Give the people what they want. Capcom and NT refused to do this. And because they refused to listen to the fanbase. The fans had no choice but to vote with their wallet.

2) Hack n' Slash is a PS3 genre. GOW3 is approaching 5 million copies sold, not counting re-releases; Bayonetta died because it was broken on PS3. How many people who played HSword also play DMC or NG or GOW. I would say almost all of them. I would estimate that H&S has a relatively small fanbase which supports about 5 or 6 games.

3) Ninja Theory lets that fanbase know how much they don't appreciate the base's support of HSword almost every time NT releases a statement. But Ninja Theory makes hack n' slash games, so insulting this fanbase is downright suicidal, and the numbers bear it out.

3.5) Because of #3 Capcom was stupid to get Ninja Theory to make this game. Until NT stops smacktalking and insulting fans, and makes Heavenly Sword 2 (the only thing that the fans want from them) The H&S fanbase is going to be overly critical of every thing they do.

4) I do believe that changing Dante's hair color and his lineage from half human/half demon to half angel/half demon matter....especially the hair color. The hair color can have no material effect on the game. Refusing to change it could only be viewed as show of spite / refusal of acknowledgement to the fans.

5.) Tomonobu Itagaki is hasn't released a game in 5 years, yet Capcom thought it was better to get Ninja Theory to reboot Devil May Cry. (say that out loud; it sounds even dumber than when you read it)

Blank2444d ago

You make solid good points that dont sound fanboyish great breakdown but its true the fans from more than one base were split and NT did all the wrong moves and interviews I did my part and spoke with my wallet two of my main reasons were the disrespect NT were doing and because they wiped out the possibility of finishing the original canon I dont feel complete and lastly I love reason number 5 it wouldve been an excellent move if capcom got Tomonobu itagaki to reboot it to be honest that sounds pretty damn awesome

rdgneoz32444d ago

Nice list, though with "3.5", NT won't be making Heavenly Sword 2 any time soon since Sony owns the IP. Hopefully Sony would be smart and not hand ask them to do it (due to #3) and have an Santa Monica or such handle it.

Darrius Cole2443d ago


Yeah, but if NT were to change their tone and make Heavenly Sword 2, I believe that would be seen as an apology.

Right now, Santa Monica has no reason to make a Heavenly Sword game. Heavenly Sword and God of War are both hack n' slash. For Santa Monica it would be a waste of resources to make a Heavenly Sword game when they can use the same labor to make God of War.

thaking1552444d ago

Haha so now it's on the fans that the game didn't sell well. Hmm can anyone say Damage control? Capcom take this as a lesson and listen to the fans and not alienate them like you did with this game... Oh and with Resident Evil 6!

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LOGICWINS2444d ago

Many things are to blame:

1) Alienation of a good portion of the pre-existing DMC fanbase.

2) General ill sentiments towards Capcom

3) Selling a game in January(when people JUST spent all their cash during the holiday rush and/or are still playing games they bought last year)

4) People saving up for Ascension/MGS: Rising

5) Newer gamers don't know of the franchise so they completely ignored it

6) Demo was just...okay. Fun, but not groundbreaking. The people interested in it are waiting for a price drop.

LackTrue4K2444d ago

Specking of price drop, they have it at GameStop for 39.00
Lol....still not worth it!

FarCryLover1822444d ago

Give it a few shall be lower.

Eamon2444d ago

Capcom and Ninja Theory suffer from their obstinacy. They thought a reboot would gain more sales than DMC4. It's doing poorly and will probably never reach 1 million sales. DMC4 managed to gain just under 3 million sold worldwide.

As for this article. Are fans to blame for the low sales? After reading it, I think the author is trying to be balanced. He concedes that if a consumer is unhappy with a product, he should not feel 'entitled' and instead should protest with his wallet. That is exactly what has happened. Just as the gamer is not entitled to have his way on a game's development, the developer is also not entitled to have sales just because it needs to make some profit. The best business is one of mutual interest. Fans will only continue to support a franchise if you cater to them and impress them. By alienating an entire fanbase, you risk a boycott and there is nothing wrong with a boycott.

Remember, a company needs to appeal to the customer to get them to purchase a product. You can't simply moan when you choose to be selfish and nobody is buying it.

thaking1552443d ago (Edited 2443d ago )

The funny thing is that Devil May Cry 4 with Nero was the "Reboot" that did not include Dante in the game whatsoever, once the fans heard this, they were not happy so they changed the game and put Dante back in. The only problem with Devil May Cry 4 was that it wasn't a full Dante game other than that it was a good beautiful looking game! Nero wasn't bad just lacking with his moveset once you get him back after using Dante.

Good comment Eamon, Bubble up!


Eamon2443d ago


I also remember how Nero was a bit slower than Dante.

SavageKuma2444d ago

I say yes because too many people still go by that old saying of "Judging a book by its cover!" The game came out great, but yet the fans were a bit harsh towards the change. I get it, gamers are scared of change, but at times you should not be afraid. DMC Came out on top with great camera angles and awesome fight mechanics. The dialogue was a lot better than the old versions as well. I enjoyed it.

Sevir042444d ago

I'm having a blast playin g through it on Dante Must Die Mode and still trying to find all the secrets it offered! and I'm really starting to get the full scope of the combat! Enemies are far far more brutal and unforgiving! I'll stop playing once ive completed Hell or Heaven! I'm not messing with that HOH shit!

Max-Zorin2444d ago

Bad enough NT was being Android 17 arrogant and ignoring complaints, rebooting the series when there was nothing wrong with it was just stupid.

BanBrother2444d ago

Lol yeah they should have really been like android 16. At least that guy shut his trap. Plus, that means they could have given 'teh cell' a run for its money ;)

Love the random dbz reference lol.

InTheLab2444d ago

Playing through DMC 4 and I gotta admit, that game had it's flaws. Namely, Nero and replaying the same 12 missions over as Dante. I also hated playing as Nero, and funnily enough, they make a whole new DMC based around Nero's weaker combat minus the ex gauge O.o

So yeah, there was something wrong with DMC but everything they "fixed" wasn't necessarily broken.

SavageKuma2444d ago

There was a lot wrong with the series gameplay wise and horrible dialogue that many made fun through out the years. The worst game was part 2. In the end fans will never be happy.

Roccetarius2444d ago (Edited 2444d ago )

Maybe we are, maybe we aren't. For once i'm proud that People voted with their wallets. People need to call these things out more often.

Even if they don't make a true DMC (not DmC) game, it's a necessary sacrifice. We all knew they would be playing the blame game after this.