PS3 passes 9 million consoles sold in Japan

Sony's current home console finally passed the 9 million consoles sold mark in Japan.

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Godmars2902448d ago

while this gen has been generally - if arguably - good for games, its been crap for consoles.

Dylila2448d ago

i cant wait for the ps4 because of the successes of ps3.

some people dont learn by history and if you look at gaming trends sony has been the same since ps1. nintendo has been the same over the years also. nintendo has bad third party support but good 1st party support. a lot of times people have to wait months to a year for something worth-while to be played on a nintendo system and its the same with the wii u now like it has been on wii, gamecube, and n64.

i cant wait for ps4 first day and im looking forward to feb 20th for the ps4 unveiling.

aCasualGamer2448d ago

There are over 70 million PS3's nad over 70 million 360's out there. How in the world is that crap?

I think people have become immune to success nowadays.

Yes, these aren't PS2 figures. But still, it's quite impressive.

Godmars2902448d ago

Talking about quality, not quantity. Why else are people complaining about FF13 and DmC: DMC?

TheLyonKing2448d ago

Wow good going Sony it seems Sony stuff gets more popular as the years go on. Am still wondering how last guardian and ff vs 13 will affect sales in the land of the rising sun.