County to Pay $2.45 Million for PS3 Police Shooting

The PlayStation 3 launch was a dark time for gaming. Robberies, fistfights, and of course, the tragic shooting of 18-year-old college student and suspected PS3 thief Payton Strickland, shot through his door as policeman Christopher Long allegedly mistook the sounds of a battering ram for gunfire. Now a year and three months from the December 1st 2006 shooting, the New Hanover County Sheriff's Office has agreed to a massive settlement with the victim's family, along with a taped apology from Sheriff Sid Causey.

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decapitator4007d ago

Man, the PS3 launch was one of the craziest console events I have ever witnessed in my life. People were getting stab, some shot, some people were out days before the system launched.

Anyway, glad to see this issue resolved.

BloodySinner4007d ago

I don't know why some fool would disagree with you but you're absolutely correct.

MikeGdaGod4006d ago

i found my ps3 on that same day, Dec 1, exactly two weeks after the launch.

i went to Circuit City that day hoping to find one. i was told they might have one left in the back and they sent me over to customer service. when the girl came from the back with my 60gb i almost fainted. i had been looking for it for two weeks, going to five or six stores everyday.

when people in the store saw they had a ps3 on the counter, everyone started crowding around and asking if they had anymore in the back.

this dumbass broad that worked there said loudly, while my $900+ in cash was still on the counter, "No we don't have anymore PS3s. He's buying the last one." i have never been that scared making a purchase (a legal one at least) in my life. they had to have security walk me to my car people were looking at me so crazy.

i've never experienced anything like that in my life.

whateva4007d ago

all that money and they can't enjoy it with their son.

it would be hard for me to play my PS3 on a 100" LCD knowing that my son died over a game.

hard so hard I guess I better get a 200" that might make it easier.

Keowrath4007d ago

yeah, I imagine that $2.45 million is a small consolation.

ChrisGTR14007d ago

with 2.5 million dollars im shure they can afford more than a new son.

King20084007d ago

You know i'm amazed at you....I cant believe that you could possibly make me laugh that hard over something as tragic as this bubble+

Bleucrunch4007d ago

they should fire that so called if they are not gonna throw him in jail....and the money doesnt bring closure or replace the pain of losing a loved one.

gameraxis4007d ago

I'm not gonna sit here and get all misty eyed over someone i don't know but for god's sake who the hell raised u to disrespect the dead like that. Before i get slack back for this message imagine the boys mother reading that post thinking "this s.o.b. is joking that my dead sons life is worth a 200" screen TV.

Your pathetic and sad and your bad taste of humor shows your character

LJWooly4006d ago

I'm sure he was only joking, and doubt he really believes that a 200" screen TV is worth the life of a loved one. Nothing wrong with expressing your disgust at the joke, just keep in mind that he was only joking, ok?

whateva4006d ago

I was saying that money can't replace a kid.

you ever heard of sarcasm?

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The story is too old to be commented.