Demo showdown: Crysis 3 multiplayer beta

EuroGamer: "The single-player component of Crysis 3 will almost certainly push the graphical envelope further than its online counterpart, but regardless, the recently released multiplayer beta allows us to get some idea of how CryEngine 3 has evolved over the last couple of years, plus we get an early preview of Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 image quality and performance. Are the 'vintage' consoles up to the task of running a Crysis game that is even more visually demanding than the last?"

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hennessey862444d ago

Crisis 2 looks better on consoles than crisis 3.

Trenta272444d ago

It could also be that they lowered the graphics to focus more on the gameplay/bugs/etc.

dirthurts2444d ago

I thought the same thing on the pc version :/

Kinger89382444d ago

I have yet to try that, may install for comparison sake

lovegames7182444d ago

Yeah i was just coming in to say that .When i fired it up on my ps3 i was like wtf? why such a downgrade in graphics in regards to the mp.

RickHiggity2444d ago

Could just be a lower resolution. That seems to happen a lot this gen.

jetlian2444d ago (Edited 2444d ago )

eurogamer said res is the same for both platforms as their crysis 2 res's. They also said crysis 3 looks better than crysis 2 on all 3 platforms.

seems people are trying to deny who came out on top between ps360(360.) Higher frame rates and higher res same as last time.

RickHiggity2443d ago

Not to sound like an elitist, but I didn't play Crysis 2 on console. I have played the Crysis 3 beta on both platforms though (my PC needs an upgrade. lol) And they both look and run great. Graphics could just be a bit downgraded in MP, it's also just a beta. Who knows?

lovegames7182444d ago

Crysis 3 does not look better than crysis 2 on console that is straight bs! As soon as i turned it on i noticed the difference.

DethWish2444d ago

maybe the assets are lower quality to save download size since its only a beta?