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PlayTV is Sony's upcoming PS3 compatible Freeview box which will plug into the PS3 via a USB port. So what? hear you cry. Why would you buy that? You've got one built into by super-duper mammoth HD TV already! Here's why: Sony plans to let you record programs while you're playing games on your PS3, and then let you save them in a file format that will work outside the console. Interested now 'aint ya.

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pandabear4192d ago

This is the 1st time it has been confirmed that it can record while playing games - so thats good news as would have been a white elephant otherwise.

Its also great that you can transfer to a memory stich/external hardrive for viewing elsewhere and uploading to Home - Heroes Party anyone?

Harry1904192d ago

please tell mer if this means that we'll
get free tv channels?

SmokeyMcBear4192d ago

its already free.. this is for europe.. that has lots of channels over the air for free (see antenna). So yes.. the only thing that will be paid for will be the box, and the channels are free.. like they always have been

BlackCountryBob4192d ago

I was own on this kit but finding that it can record while playing games makes me wanna buy it, well done Sony for ticking all the boxes.

I'd better upgrade my PS3 hard drive sharpish, 250GB sounds about right!

LevDog4192d ago

Didnt even mention the fact you can watch live tv via psp and WIFI from anywhere in the world.. Or start recording programs vis psp and wifi haha or view saved programs via psp and wifi...they only touched on a small portion of what Playtv actually is

Sheddi4192d ago

does anyone know when its released?

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The story is too old to be commented.