Explosive New Gamplay Videos of Battlefield: Bad Company

Here are new explosive gameplay videos of Battlefield: Bad Company. The game is scheduled to arrive on both the PS3 and Xbox 360 simultaneously.

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decapitator4005d ago (Edited 4005d ago )

Ok, I gotta admit, it looks better than I had initially thought. The gameplay also looks very solid. Now I just wish they would announce a release date.

Also, I am keeping my hype level in check because well, is from EA....

EDIT: My favorite part of the video is the destructive environments. Awesome. Totally.

LocustGR4005d ago

Looks amazing and sound effects are very good but there's too much screen-tearing .

decapitator4005d ago

Well, I think they still have time to tweak it a little bit more before release. But dammit, we need a release date already.

Serjikal_Strike4005d ago

I'm definitley lovin the destructible enviorments...kind of reminds me of Black..

AngryHippo4005d ago

....fantastic. Its definately running on an impressive engine, love the destruction. Just screen tearing needs sure they will fix that before release. One to keep an eye on i think.

mariusmal4005d ago

yep too much screen tearing. from the aiming i guess this is the console version.
the best thing of it it's the sound, one of the best i ever heard in a war game.