MGS4 Demonstration

It is not a new video, it is quite dated actually. But, I hadn't seen it so I thought maybe some of you guys missed it. I certainly don't hear many people mention it. It is a very cool video and very impressive. Check it out.

specialguest6465d ago

to all of you who thought MGS4 was CG crap, there you have it. everything is in real-time as demonstrated in the video.

kmis876465d ago

If they hit that for the actual game, it's going to be one of the best looking games ever!

Daytona6465d ago (Edited 6465d ago )

There was nothig to be excited about from this video. The frames froze up or bottlenecked up until they said they froze screen and the beginning was CGI from a cut scene that was ingame, you didn't see actual game play, but yes they do have a chance to bring about better game play than was shown/demo'd at the last showing. It was very bad and looked like ps2 footage, really.

MGS4 is going to be sony's savior if they can save it/polish/fix it up, otherwise it's just going to add to the frustration of the system.

This of course is just my opinion, an XBOX 360 and MS fan. Take it for what it's worth.

JIN KAZAMA6464d ago

"This of course is just my opinion, an XBOX 360 and MS fan. Take it for what it's worth."

A biased, hater, insecure fanboy's oppinion.

mad6464d ago

This doesn't look like a ps2 footage...you must be a real extreme xbox fanboy to say that. It is far from finished and in youtube quality and it looks so much better than many of the next-gen game currently available on x360, and you're comparing this to PS2? WOW. As in the video "The polygon amount for only Snake's mustache in MGS4 is same as one enemy soldier in MGS3"...so you see you just can't compare.


"A biased, hater, insecure fanboy's opinion."

sounds like a guy named Jin I know...

Daytona6462d ago

The truth hurts doesnt it?

Seriously, the demo'd footage you just saw for MGS4 just a couple weeks ago was like 10x worse than the march footage, so understand the march footage wasn't in game, ok, what you saw weeks ago was and wasn't very good. It can get better since it won't be released until nexxt year but it's not good as of now. With the underpowered rsx and cell maybe that's why there showing and using alot of CGI since in ga me isn't looking good.

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TheMART6464d ago

Well guys, what's to be exited about?

It's CGI, video output. And the worst thing to read is: the devkit.

That is high end hardware SIMULATING a PS3. We don't know if these are tweaked to high compared to the endproduct what will be sold in the shops.

These CGI movies can be made on any console from this gen. I mean, watch the Halo 3 trailer of E3 2006. That's all inengine. They say it'll be like that ingame. I first need to see more to be able to tell they will.

This is the same story. I don't believe anything Sony or it's softwaremates tell us untill I've seen ingame stuff.

Go watch Gears of War or Lost Planet ingame. Now then I am starting to drewl. With this I am only starting to think if again it's another Killzone story or it'll be really good

OutpostCommand6464d ago (Edited 6464d ago )

Good lord...not only are you ignorant, but you are erroneous.
It is clearly stated its in Real Time.

EDIT: TheMart...do you actually know what a Dev Kit is ?

A Dev Kit has equivilant power to a PS3, but with privaleges to develop a game.
It is hardly superior to the console itself.

Bebedora6464d ago

To 4.1> Adding to that about the devkit, it was'nt the final hardware of the devkit. At TGS it was in ver 0.93 I've heard. So the final was released shortly after the TGS (Not sure but about that timeframe). Dont take it as fact, but this was not run optimized softwarewize nor hardwarewize.

Raist6464d ago

Some guys here don't know what a CGI is... lolz

Could look like a very generic term, but the fact is that CGI are pre-rendered scenes. Just like an intro from a FF game for instance. A CGI is in NO WAY rendered in real time, so you can't change camera angles, lights etc.
This video shows some real time rendering with a dev kit. And yes, a dev kit basically is a PS3. What did you think ? That they developped games on allmighty silicon graphics gamestations ? rofl

Bebedora6464d ago

Exactly. It's not CGI/movie or what ever pre-render technique. That's why I still am laughing about the crazy graphics shown in this vid. I dont know how tallented Kojima must be, but for sure he's not an amateur. Man, that was WOW. I wont even buy the game probably, but very impressive. I do have MGS 3 "snake eater" to try it. I can understand why people like it, but I think it's not my kind of game. Have to try it more.

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jambola1d ago

It's as good as you remember
Feels like one of those "10 HARSH realities of Re-watching" articles

just_looken15h ago

I love how it seems a extreme few remember that red dead redemption is red dead revolver 2.

red dead revolver now that is rough red dead redemption for its time was groundbreaking and it still has way better cover system/dlc/mp content then red dead 2.

I remember all the bugs the game had day one like donkey lady so dam funny

Cacabunga8h ago

RDR1 is a legendary game!!!

Really how to cope with a slow news day…

just_looken7h ago


I know i said that

Oh boy let me guess no one here knows what red dead revolver is

Or you all never played version 1.0 of rdr 1 i bet its that so many on here have the stench of being in gaming for 10 years at most.

Cacabunga5h ago(Edited 5h ago)

Stop pretending being superior in knowledge to everyone else..

The article title is about RDR1 and the thumbnail also confirma that. No one (at least i dont) care about what you say about RDRev.

You are the only one who spoke off topic abt another game.
If it makes you glad that you are the only one who knows what RDRev is then congratulations.. just pathetic

“ red dead revolver now that is rough red dead redemption for its time was groundbreaking and it still has way better cover system/dlc/mp content then red dead 2.”

Oh and thanks for the laugh ..

jznrpg23m ago

They didn’t name it Red Dead Revolver 2. They named it Red Dead Redemption

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shinoff218323h ago

Junk article. Game was dope and still is. The swimming part sucks though.

just_looken15h ago

It does but the game was made originally for ps2 back after san andreas so for the dev window and timeline it makes sense.

just_looken7h ago(Edited 7h ago)

red dead revolver was back in 2004

after this they were making gta iv and a squeal that became read dead redemption

But you all will hate this because facts are scary

"Red Dead [Redemption] has been in production for six years (mainly because of horrible management/lack of direction due to fear of disrespecting Rockstar NY) and it will never get the money back in sales it cost to create for those six years," claimed another source.

From a 2010 article hmm what is 2010 - 6 hmmm


The swimming in red dead one made sense for the time period and dev hell it was in

Again though it seems alot on here have 0 game knowledge before 2018.

jambola18m ago

Nobody asked about or mentioned revolver
Why are you bringing it up in every reply?