What Unreal Engine Improvements And Cubes Of Meat Mean For Epic's Upcoming Games (Video)

Cliff Bleszinski and Mark Rein of Epic Games wouldn't talk details about "Gears Of War 2" at GDC last week. But they would talk about the potency of the Unreal Engine and what some of the new features make possible in future games.

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decapitator3938d ago

"We are like the slaughter house, not the cooking place" - haha. I like that. Cliffy will deliver, am confident about that.

George Washington3938d ago

epic was almost about to die before they made gears... cause other than gears what do they have? UT? that game sucks.

decapitator3938d ago

To die ? UT sucks? haha, thats funny. They have been selling their Unreal Engine and making big bucks of that. They could have practically kept doing that and not made any game's and still made a lot of money.

UT series is one of the best things ever to happen to PC's you know, and although some of them might have wen't a bit of track, they have sorta kinda redeemed the mistakes they made with the latest UT3 game for PC and PS3.

George Washington3938d ago

U3 is kinda outdated now.. i mean look at uncharted and rachet. both of those are far , far better looking than UT3 for ps3... seems no matter what they do they just cant get it to run properly on ps3.

Gorgon3938d ago

I want to see their reactions when id Tech 5 blows in their faces. Marc Rein is an asshole.


in the is such an awsum game.with all the mods it is never gonna!!


you can use the color modifier mod to beef up the grafix in UT3.and thats just the start.UT3 is made by the gamer not the developer,they just give you the platform.custom maps,controls,vehicles,weapons .the list goes on.ONLINE MADNESS!!

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