What Orbital Bombardments Look Like From EVE Online To DUST 514, Recorded At The Same Time writes:

'Here is what it looks like to fire an orbital bombardment from EVE online into Dust 514. The EVE and Dust clips were filmed at the same time, but over different matches because it took too long to change into a different ship for the same match.'

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Oschino19072445d ago


So can't wait for this game to get out of the beta.

Emilio_Estevez2444d ago

Are you playing it right now? It's in open beta right now so you can play it if you want. If you haven't joined yet then PM me and I'll give you a link for some extra goodies when you start.

violents2444d ago

Im on it already, can I have some extra goodies too? That game is fun and rediculously complicated when it comes to the store and what skills you have to level to be able to use certain things.

Dylila2444d ago

this is amazing. im hoping that sony has this game on the ps4. i cant wait till the full game is out.

also sony, can you please put MAG 2 on ps4?

Septic2444d ago

Why is no one else shocked at how amazingly seamless that was?!

HammadTheBeast2444d ago

Sign up under this link: and you get a free Recruit Assault Rifle and a 7-day SP booster.

Also, if you need a corp, search up UAIV1 and apply. We have over 90+ members.

violents2444d ago

This game is awsome!

But, I really wish the buildings would have destruction and the like. It takes away from it a lot to see all this supposed "destruction" rain down from the sky and then everything that's under the explosion area remains intact.

Oschino19072444d ago

Just wait till more types of strikes and other Eve support comes, they have a lot planned. I don't know how far destruction will go but they plan to have strikes that destroy entire maps at some point. Of course these will be for much bigger maps and higher player counts then is currently available in the beta. But everything you are seeing and playing with now is only the tip of the iceberg.

violents2444d ago

Thats kind of what Ive been hoping since its still in the beta stage. I've been playing since the closed beta and they have added a lot already. I cant wait until its a finished product.

r212444d ago

I think destruction wont come till the PS4 is out. The devs plan to support Dust 514 till the PS9 :D

DeadlyFire2444d ago

They have stated they want this game to last as long as possible even up to Playstation 7 and beyond so they will be pushing some awesome stuff out with it. Likely when the PS4 version rolls around we will see a few enhancements right out of the gate. :)

violents2444d ago

That would be freakin sweet!

DethWish2444d ago

It will never be a finished product, it will be just like EVE, which they have worked on and released free expansions for for 10 years now.

Oschino19072444d ago (Edited 2444d ago )

PS4 may take a while as they have so much planned for PS3 and very much right around the corner for the next update or two starting this month into spring and summer.

Their biggest hurdles are resources to put towards each project/idea they have, then if something gets pushed forward all the building/creating and testing that goes in before adding it for everyone to test and then for the full release.

It will be interesting to see how they work it all out with PS4, but I am sure it will prob take some time and they will make sure its all done as fair and right as possible.

For anyone looking for info on what's upcomming and everything concerning Dust 514 I would recommend as they have a lot of fan (Eve and Dust) articles breaking down the game and everything about it along with links to official Dust 514 announcements and their own up to date interviews with some of the Devs about what's upcomming and being talked about for the future.

DethWish2444d ago (Edited 2444d ago )

edit: i suck at replying to comments..

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shutUpAndTakeMyMoney2444d ago (Edited 2444d ago )

I can't wait to they get this game out the way.. I can't believe they put world of darkness on hold for this.

The make a console game and it's a shooter lol.

I can see if it was 2000 players like planetside 2 but it's 40 player mmo.

I am sick of shooters! I want my super realistic vampire mmo.

Roccetarius2444d ago

Nope, what Planetside 2 is doing, is amazing. Even if the devs kinda suck at listening, the battles in that game is a lot more vicious.

HammadTheBeast2444d ago

Btw, the devs for this are in no way related to the EvE ones. It's made by CCP shanghai, other than EvE-Dust intergration, they work on their own things.

DeadlyFire2444d ago

You are aware that CCP is working on World of Darkness Vampire MMO as well right?

Minato-Namikaze2444d ago

I need to give this another try

mayberry2444d ago

Dust is truly huge in scope and is adult electronic entertainment at its core. Awesome video