Blu-ray's victory means time to embrace a new device

They tried to make me go to Blu-ray, I said no, no, no. And no to Zune, and PlayStation, and BlackBerry, and most other new high-tech gadgets whose gadgetology is invariably overtaken by an even newer high-tech gadget before you've even paid the credit card bill.

But I know that not all of you are like me.

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mighty_douche3889d ago

Yep, time to usher in the HD era ladies and gentleman.

No more excuse's.

newneto3889d ago

I own a 250Gb PS3 (upgrade). I am just fine.

Joey Gladstone3889d ago

why wouldn't the public welcome a unified HD storage medium with open arms??...with HD digital download speeds no where near up to par for mass consumers, Blu-Ray will gain a huge foothold on this market in the coming year or so and find a place in many homes
....."The JOEY has Spoken"

Expy3889d ago

lol, the author of that article is another digital downloads fool. Good luck with that. Good luck downloading FULL 1080p/7.1 90 minute long movies and being able to store them properly.

mighty_douche3889d ago

Well that could be done, as long as you can pre-empt when you wanna watch a movie a day or 2 in advance.

Personally, id rather just pop a disc in a play it.

I'll take a disc over a download till the day i die.

pandabear3889d ago

Indeed - Digital Download will never take over bought discs - people only like downloads when it is from 'p2p' sites and free.

But legit digital download 1080p 7.1 sound - would take forever and need a lot of storage - most people still like to have the physical copy full with special features

Yes Digital download will increase but no where near the sale of Blu Ray to be serious competition, it's just another option not competition.

Blooper3889d ago

Now all I have to do is to wait 4 days to download 1 HD movie; all to have Vista completely freeze up on me midway...

...or buy the movie and watch at my leisure.

ravinash3889d ago

"unless you have a PlayStation3 or unless you plan to run parallel systems in your family room".

What the Hell???

Any BlueRay player can also play DVDs, so you don't need to run your old system.
The first paragraph talks about how he hates technology and won't pick up on it until its nearly obsolete. So why the hell is he given a column to air his views on the subject when he knows nothing about it.

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George Washington3889d ago (Edited 3889d ago )

"... PS3, a machine that 25-year-old pale-faced flabby boys, who live in their moms' basements, play video games on until 3 a.m."

seriously did anyone even read what this guy says?? the guys a total duche he says he only has 2 26" tvs and has never boughten a dvd player..complete caveman i dunno how this guys opinion is news.

garypaytonglove3889d ago

It's actually worse than you think, this is a 51-year old woman that wrote this article. She apparently is a grandmother that sleeps sitting in a chair and doesn't realize that Blu-Ray players can play regular DVD's. Way to go for such great commentary from someone who has no business giving her two cents. It would be like me (I'm not that bright by the way) writing an article about Barack Obama's exit strategy in Newsweek.

Surfman3889d ago

I posted this acticle because i found it funny. She's knows nothing about technology. It's good sometime to know what people thinks, other than professionals or people who love technology. That show how other people think, and sometime those people are completely stupid.

whateva3889d ago

every since Bly-ray won the sony haters have been coming with more and more lame attempts to downplay it.

mighty_douche3889d ago

i agree...

When the BR/HD war was in full swing NOBODY said/claimed digital downloads are the future. All of a sudden BR is pointless as everyone is gonna be downloading their HD media from now on... yeah right.

I guess people find it easier to be negative or find it difficult to swallow their pride.

Surfman3889d ago

youre right. Some people are mad that blu-ray won. I guess i know who are those persons..

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