Several Suggestions For North America's Wii Virtual Console Exclusive Console

Nintendo announced last week that, at some point in the near future Europe will be receiving an update to their Virtual Console catalog that will include Commodore 64 (C64) games.

It's really is great news for the Europeans, but it leaves the U.S. now behind in the VC exclusivity market, and there should be some way to rectify that - MTV Multiplayer wants an exclusive console!

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PS360WII3884d ago

I wouldn't mind a handheld section in VC. That would kick butt :)

ItsDubC3883d ago

Dude, that's an awesome idea. Gameboy, Turbo Grafx, GameGear etc. I might even get the chance to play Virtual Boy games for the 1st time lol.

jedistev3883d ago

would be great is dreamcast...VC DC emulator download to allow play dreamcast GD-Rom on Wii...

i'm up for this but for sure it wont happened... would be great all console from 70 to 90ish in VC