European and Japanese PS Store update 28/2

Both the European and Japanese Store have been updated.

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mighty_douche3938d ago

Rubbish.... i dont think people should moan to much about not enough content in EU, its free, when i was young id have to buy a mag just to get a demo.

Vip3r3938d ago

Exactly, bubbles to you.

paul_war3938d ago

Its all relitive.

I wouldn't be so disapointed if the other stores were as bad as ours.

Keowrath3938d ago

Wow Douche! Haven't seen you for a while, thought you imploded!?

mighty_douche3938d ago

lol... sup bro, been in spain for a week. I do have a life outside of n4g and gaming, a little one...

prunchess3938d ago

Why even bother to update the store with such crap!

Anego Montoya FTMFW3938d ago

it true, everything you said.

plus if you want setup a US account, cause that also is FREE and NOT hard to do.

and same goes w/ JP account, it`s a bit harder but, IT`S FREE.

don`t moan PSNers, do something about it cause it`s FREE.

mighty_douche3938d ago

Already have both US and Jap accounts.

But cheers for the advice bro!

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picker3323938d ago

Todays people are greedy.

mighty_douche3938d ago

yes, and it shows.

but moaning and whining because you didnt get exactly what you want doesnt get it here any sooner, just be greetful for what you get i say.

Bebedora3938d ago

The most winy custom base are in US and second to them, guess who? Japan.

I would like to watch the scenario if it was the opposite. EU getting all first and secondly Japan and finally US. That, my US friends, would be hillarious to see.

George Washington3938d ago

ahh thanks sony. another sh1tty weekly uptade :)

AliC3938d ago

The problem is Europe is getting very little, What happened to Pain, Puzzle Street Fighter and all the other games that people are willing to buy but can't because there not yet on the store.

People will complain because that's human nature, however the European store is so incredibly shoddy and has not improved in 11 months its been available.

People complain about the whole language thing and the differing ratings systems, but explain how MS manage to do it with Live?

DolphGB3938d ago

And SCEE know there's an issue and are promising to fix it this year, but that still doesn't make us feel any better.

There's so much momentum behind the positive PS3 news right now, it's a shame Sony can't pull together. Scattered PS Store updates and news such as the US getting an MGS4 bundle but Europe missing out cancels out the positive stuff quickly.

Some good news on Super Puzzle Fighter though -

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The story is too old to be commented.