Xbox 720 watch: is this the first Project Gotham 5 teaser art?

VG247: Project Gotham 5 is rumoured to be in development at Liverpool studio Lucid Games. We’ve unearthed what could be the first teaser art for the alleged Xbox 720 launch title.

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creeping judas2443d ago

Sweet I can't wait!! PGR series is one of my top five racing series ever!!

aviator1892443d ago

same here. I've always love the franchise and I really hope it's back for the next xbox as a launch title.

Starfox172443d ago (Edited 2443d ago )

This is Concept GP from Nintendo and Lucid games as far as i am aware.

It was rumoured about a year ago and going off how big the game sounds i doubt they will be working on PG racing as well not until Concept GP is finished ? if the rumour was correct,but hey ive heard no rumours of ps4 or 720 getting any racing game from Lucid so i'm going with Concept GP.