Proof That Cammy Cosplay Can Be Fantastic Without Having To Flash Your Butt

Kotaku: Look, I get it, the character design for Street Fighter's Cammy traditionally calls for a rather revealing lower section. But accuracy isn't everything in cosplay. Sometimes what looks good on a screen looks...wrong in the flesh, and while authentic Cammy cosplay has its fans, I've always found it to be a bit much.

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Blank2448d ago

Yeah it does need more butt flash aside from me honestly wanting to see her rear end and to see a more accurate cosplay and either way the off color pants didnt look so good just my opinion though

insomnium22448d ago

True, true. Definately more butts need to be flashed.

SilentNegotiator2448d ago

What's the point of Cammy cosplay without heavy butt flash?

DoomeDx2448d ago

I like how shes aiming through the sights of the pistol with both eyes open. lol

shiner2448d ago

@ DoomeDx:

Every experienced pistoleer shoots with both eyes open.
Her grip, on the other hand, is all jacked up.

Mounce2448d ago

The 'pants' or lack there-of is what Cammy is or what people see in Cammy though, so I find this article a bit worthless.

She looks more like Jill Valentine from RE series(With alternate costumes?) more than she does Cammy from Street Fighter.

pixelsword2448d ago (Edited 2448d ago )

@ majiebeast:

That's not unreasonable.

Cosplay is the only reason why I would look at a female game character at all: because it's real.

TruthBTold2448d ago

Is that Cammy? I could'nt recognize her without her butt.

zerocrossing2448d ago

If you're not flashing your but you're not Cosplaying Cammy propperly.

1Victor2448d ago

Just put her in the water on her back and cowabonga dude or let her bends down put a bed cover over her and you got a nice sexy ironing board .need more BACON

Sarcasm2448d ago

That, and she needs to look more pissed off. Her expression is has that "huh?" look to it. Cammy is supposed to be a bad ass woman that you fear.

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pr0t0typeknuckles2448d ago

1-the pants dont match the shirt
2-why is this news, kotaku, why is this news, slow news day huh?

Blacktric2448d ago

Every day is slow news day for Kotaku.

bageara2448d ago Show
Hicken2448d ago

The off-colored pants ARE.. wrong, but she's still hot.

That said, the butt-flash is rather signature for Cammy. Not having it makes me sad.

CalvinKlein2448d ago

but it cant be fantastic if you are ugly, this chick is hot so it would be better with more butt IMO. I bet this chick would look good with the cammy wedgie going on.

Steadyhndz2448d ago

Needs more Butt...and cowbell

Heisenburger2448d ago

Yeah I heard that there was a fever going around.


knifefight2448d ago

Great now I just spent half an hour looking up Street Fighter hentai.

BanBrother2448d ago's like you accidently spilled your thoughts out into written form. It's like telling someone you had corn in your poo. Too much info,bro. BUT, I hope you found what you were *looking* for.

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The story is too old to be commented.