An Artist’s Impression Of The PlayStation 4

We know, for the most part, what's inside the PlayStation 4. We even know what the controller is going to be like. But until February 20 rolls around, we're probably not going to see what Sony's latest console looks like.

To fill in the gaps, then, comes designer Gavin Ringquist, who has mocked up just about everything you need to know about the PS4's exterior, from the console to the controller to an ad campaign right down to logos, a website redesign and box art.

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IRetrouk2907d ago

Dont like the console, looks too much like a set top box, controller is ok i quess.

theBAWSE2907d ago (Edited 2907d ago )

Sony design hi-end attractive looking products that artists impression is soo way off the mark that definitely won't be anywhere near ps4

off topic..the new Sony experia z is a seriously stylish looking android

IRetrouk2907d ago

Yeah i think sony will go with something a bit more striking, yeah the z is a brill looking phone, shame i only got my s3 a couple months ago :-(

CommonSenseGamer2907d ago

The ps3 super slim is anything but high end and attractive.

theBAWSE2907d ago

@iretrouk ..Samsung galaxy s4 is out in two months that's gonna be an even better phone than the xperia z

Apex132907d ago

But this is what both MS and Sony are going for now. Multimedia set top box.

I think they are forgetting about gaming but it's not surprising as only Nintendo and Sega were the purist gaming company.

Oh well, let us enjoy.

WooHooAlex2907d ago

Its realistic, I'll give him that.
I actually like the "PS Four" logo. I'd be happy with that controller too. The actual console is a little plain looking, and something tells me they're going for flashy.

DigitalSmoke2907d ago

Sony has designers who are ranked with the like's of those used at Ferrari, McDonough and so forth.
So if you think that after a track record of desining the most cutting edge shaped hardware autio and video devices they will come out with a square box, you're delutional.

g-nome2907d ago

Just give it a self loading disc slot please like the slim version A rectangular box with round edges will do fine .

DeadlyFire2907d ago

Looks ok, but considering the amount of power and specs. I think we need a bigger box than that.

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