Sony And Microsoft’s Next Generation Racers Leaked

Torrence Davis of STFUandPlay writes,"There’s been a ton of info thrown around about Sony and Microsoft’s next gen consoles. Nothing is concrete and it’s all speculation. We won’t know anything official until Sony’s event on February 20th and Microsoft’s inevitable unveiling at E3. I received some inside info last week and took the time to do some more digging. This info I’m about to give you could change at any time so take it with a grain of salt until February 20th."

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PirateThom2354d ago

If this is even remotely true, I'm glad Sony Japan nipped the idea of calling a non-sim racer "Gran Turismo" in the bud.

Gran Turismo's brand name may have carried it to better sales, but it wouldn't have been Gran Turismo no matter what name you slap on it. Polyphony Digital make Gran Turismo.

I hope it's not "Motorstorm" for similar reasons.

Godchild10202354d ago (Edited 2354d ago )

I agree. I Just hope the game can take off as well as Motorstorm and Gran Turismo has in the past and present.

PGR5 as a luanch title will seal the deal as a day one purchase for the next Xbox. My third favorite racing series.


Best part in the whole article: "along with another next gen shocker from Guerrilla Games."

I don't care about whatever racer they will show, JUST SHOW ME THIS!

LOGICWINS2354d ago

Congrats on this find Tor!

hazardman2354d ago

I just got off PGR4, great series!!

TheSauce2354d ago

Wow, this comment section is surprisingly fanboy free. Everyone is getting along.

We should order more of these kinds of articles!

Red_Orange_Juice2354d ago (Edited 2354d ago )

"Internally they are calling it Europe’s biggest racing game in a decade. "

Gran Turismo name would bring sales, but the game should stand on it's own. I'm kinda glad they're not making next Motorstorm, even though it was solid it never got sales and acclaim Sony needs to aim for.

FriedGoat2354d ago (Edited 2354d ago )

Project Gotham will be terrible without Bizarre Creations. I loved Bizarre! DAMN YOU ACTIVISION! It's whichever company who gets the veterans will get the better game.

sobekflakmonkey2354d ago

As a Sony fan (meaning I agree with the choices they make and I appreciate them, along with their exclusives for PC) I gotta say I love PGR, PGR3 was the first 360 game I ever played and I absolutely loved it, yeah, it may be more of an arcade racer than a sim, but it was the perfect mix in my opinion, being that I'm never that great with games like GT or Forza, so I'm excited for the people who are buying the next Xbox, and excited for myself because I'm buying the next Playstation day one.

MikeMyers2353d ago

Sounds like two great racing games coming. Looks like I'll have to buy the next Xbox and the new Playstation just like I did this generation.

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theBAWSE2354d ago

Forget the name of the game...the talent in evolution studios is now mindboggling

ABizzel12354d ago

Agreed. They have some of the best arcade racers in the industry all under one roof. There can be nothing but good from that.

Blur was great, Motorstorm was great, PGR was great,

Mix'em all together and what do you get.

Hopefully an Open world racer, with a completely destructible environment, with dynamic weather (rain, snow, hail, thunderstorms, etc...), with insanely fast and frantic gameplay.

Ooh the possibilities.

theBAWSE2354d ago

Yep imagine the open world similar to burnout...but with all these developers putting there mind and talent together..ps4 has a system seller right there

Divine2354d ago

Im very big on racing games . especially Gran turismo, if this is true i cant wait to see wat is expected on the 20th. im sure it will be compatible with all racing wheels if not it should be because its next gen n i would love to use mine with it.

1Victor2354d ago

@ Abizzel1 you get project motor blur racer

irepbtown2353d ago

My favourite racing game this gen is Gran Turismo 5 without shadow of a doubt.

However this team at Evolution Studios as you've quite rightly said, is mindboggling. Now I think it would be great if Polyphony Digital work alongside Evo Studios to create a Gran Turismo spin off (sort of). Gran Turismo: New World? Gran Turismo: Extreme (because Evo Studio's are off the hook considering Blur/Motorstorm)

Though I still want to see Gran Turismo 6 around about Launch time for the PS4, I think a spin off would be a nice addition.

Either way, I think Evo Studio's will create one badass game and if I do get PS4 at launch, I'll get it (hopefully).

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StraightPath2354d ago

PGR finally returns?! Awesome racing franchise! Dnt believe ms put it to sleep for this long. Pgr4 was amazing.

OOG2354d ago

Yeah it has always sold decently as well... never understood why it went away for so long... I guess to build Forza

FunkMacNasty2354d ago

If you ahvent already, You should try Forza Horizon in the meantime. It was developed by a collaboration between Turn10 and former developers from Bizzare Creations. It wears the Forza brand, but it plays like the spiritual successor to PGR

konnerbllb2354d ago

I'm not big on racing but great news for those who are.

Temporary2354d ago

Nice, thanks for the read. Very interesting stuff.

FamilyGuy2354d ago

Wow this all sounds like great news and if they both really come out with exclusive racers the comparison articles will be fun.

After reading The Witcher 3 articles and now this it's looking like no matter your console of choice the launch titles for both will be pretty good. I wanna hear about more games, exclusives and multiplats alike.

BlmThug2354d ago (Edited 2354d ago )

PGR5, Gran Turismo 6 and Forza 5 = My video game dream :'D I cannot wait. I've been waiting for PGR5 for so long since PGR4 and well i'm currently 'banging' out GT5 and i've completed Forza 4 so I am Ready!!

gdguide2353d ago

Nice! A balanced gamer who loves racing for RACING and not for what console it's on. Love it. :)

2354d ago
showtimefolks2353d ago

Giving it selling it under GT name might have meant more sales but could have also tarnished GT name so i am with Sony Japan on this. GT is a multi billion dollar franchise so why even risk it

This new team at Sony seems like a dream team lol.

Also PGR5's team also seems like a dream team

Good we get some great games at launch hopefully

GG new IP
This new Racing game
At E3 show GT6 ,uncharted 4

Here are few things to keep in mind:

Ready at dawn studios who did the PSP GOW games have been working on a next gen project since their last GOW game. Mist likely for sony

Sucker punch have been quite since infamous 2 so some sort of news is due

Santa Monica studios are working on 2 new IPs one was playstation all star battle royal other was rumored to be a SHOOTER. I know Santa Monica helped with star hawk so maybe it was that. But the 2nd team at Santa Monica have been working on something so i am excited to find out more

QD have a next gen title but I doubt we will find out anything about it till after the launch of beyond 2souls. Which by the way still doesn't have a release date. Could B2S be a next gen title? Could it be a launch title for ps4?

These are the games we know about what about some new IP's.

February 20th can't get here fast enough, but I think that will not be a tease of what to come at E3

IAmLee2353d ago

I liked the way the title suggest it's official they have been leaked, yet its in the rumor category.

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Scenarist2354d ago

what difference is that day gonna make.... your in a rush to get news that will kill you on the inside for the rest of the year,,, its not like you can buy a ps4 on that day. ................

who am i kidding im waiting on feb20 too so it can kill me inside

Prodigy-X2354d ago (Edited 2354d ago )

I'm in a rush because this gen has been going on too long and I'm ready for the Next Gen PlayStation so when the Pre-Orders are available I can buy me a PS4 and a couple of launch titles.

BitbyDeath2354d ago

But we can play the videos over and over and over again and analyse every little thing. ^_^

Agent_00_Revan2354d ago

Because the sooner we get Official & Concrete information, the sooner the god awful 'speculation' articles stop. And we can know what to expect for the next consoles.

Scenarist2354d ago (Edited 2354d ago )

ok yall win ...

not like im not waitin too

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theBAWSE2354d ago

PGR on the original Xbox and dreamcast was one of the greatest racing games and PGR in my opinion is one of greatest racing series in gaming

OOG2354d ago

I find PGR to be one of the best online racers... it doesn't have the level of detail as much as Forza and GT but it looks great and drives fantastic

UnholyLight2354d ago

Yeah, I really liked the way that game felt. A little more forgiving than Forza but still challenging. I like racing in the interior views and PGR seems to have interiors that seem less fake like in some of the Forza cars where it almost feels like looking through a tunnel lol

theBAWSE2354d ago

PGR in my opinion is a better game than forza it just had a bit more fun about it...I remember being blown away by the graphics of it on the original Xbox

even though the lead designer and few others of bizarre are now at evolution studios just the name PGR alone will help move the nexbox in sales....

OOG2354d ago

Yeah I find PGR was great for the smallish tracks you were racing on.... I had some great online matches in PGR3... and some of those cars could do great drifts around turns.

hazardman2354d ago

True that, the online is great, but the offline arcade mode and career are very good. Its more than just racing as they have different race modes. Playing it on platinum will give you a great deal of satisfaction.

UnholyLight2354d ago

The cars turn so much easier. They say Forza is really realistic but I find it hard to believe sometimes. If I take a sharp corner at 60km/h in my Camaro it turns on a dime, in Forza it would not. But Forza is probably more realistic than PGR

Im just saying I love the feel between PRG and the way the cars race. You feel like you are going fast and the scenery moves by faster or something!

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Starfox8112354d ago

While Evolution definitely has the talent for a racing title, and is actually rumoured to be taking over the WipEout licence since Studio Liverpool closed, I can't see Microsoft reviving PGR for their next gen console.

They sold off Bizarre because sales of PGR 4 were down and they just really didn't need two racers running alongside each other. It wouldn't surprise me if they were going to make something truly new, but calling it Project Gotham Racing 5 (or whatever) would confuse some, disinterest others and align it with a franchise that ultimately failed on the Xbox 360.

theBAWSE2354d ago

Microsoft should promote PGR instead of forza as I believe its a Better game but I'm sure both could have a place on the nexbox

gran turismo was a bit to serious for me,forza was ms answer to gran turismo..but PGR was the game that catered to both the hardcore and casual fans it hit that sweet spot of inbetween

Starfox8112354d ago

Oh I agree, I love PGR and prefer it to that of GT or Forza, but when Forza hit the 360 PGR just slowed to a crawl and PGR 4 wasn't really that good a game in comparison to 3 (IMO) nor did the cars handle as well as they did in Forza. It was a title in limbo, which is what led to Microsof axing Bizarre. It's why I'm a little wary of believing they'll just dreg it back up so casually after years of hearing nothing from it.

sak5002354d ago (Edited 2354d ago )

Say what? 2 racing series can't be on one console? You do know how many racing games had been out on 360? PGR3/4 , Forza 3/4/horizon, NFS, Test drive to name a few. I like both Forza and PGR series and would love to see both of them being on next gen xbox.

As far as open world game is concerned Forza Horizon had been one of the best games i've played in recent times. With also little bit of sim aspect and the whole open world concept with specific challenges and story mode.

The only racing game i've managed to finish just and just few gamer score of full 1000gs on it. Loved the way they implemented MP side of it as well. Getting those challenges done along with 7 other players online was so much fun as well as competitive MP games like cat and mouse, king of the hill etc.

Can't wait to see FH 2 along with Forza 5 and PGR 5 on next xbox.

IronFistChinMi2354d ago

At no point did Microsoft ever own Bizarre Creations, they just had a close partnership, similar to Sony/David Cage's studio.