Developer who called Tiny Tina racist is out of a job

Kotaku follows the story of the Cryptozoic Entertainment developer, Mike Sacco, who called Borderlands 2's character Tiny Tina a racist.

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Root2444d ago


With all the tweets he's posted I keep seeing him dig his own grave...faster....and faster.....and faster.

cannon88002444d ago

He's not unlucky. He knowingly did something that would indeed cause him to have big problems afterwards. Foolish is probably the best word to describe his decision making skills. But in the end it sucks to know that he lost his job. I hope he can find another job soon.

Canary2443d ago

So few people seem to understand that the Internet is public. Very public. If you would be ashamed to shout out what you're writing in the middle of an elementary school playground, you shouldn't be writing it in the first place.

Politicians seem particularly susceptible to this, and other delusions. My favorite: that email is totally and completely private, and if it ever isn't, you can get away whatever you did by blaming it on a computer virus.

Bimkoblerutso2443d ago (Edited 2443d ago )

It's still sad, however stupid his comment was, that people are so sensitive to opinions that they are effectively able to run other people out of their jobs if enough disagree.

I mean, yes, it was a dumb comment, and yet I can't imagine how saying or believing something like that would matter so much to people that they find him unfit to do his job....

showtimefolks2443d ago

tiny tina was one of the best character of maybe this gen. i wish there were more dialogues from here, she made me laugh quite a bit lol

Letros2444d ago

Lol good, he was out of line

toguns2444d ago

Actually if you read his tweets you'd see that he wasn't actually out of line. The person who wrote Tiny Tina described her in the script as "tiny white girl using craaaaaazy black lingo". Anyway, he didn't get fired. He quit

Letros2444d ago

White people use black lingo all the time, problem?

SilentNegotiator2443d ago

What is "black lingo" anyway? When I hear people discussing "black lingo" it's usually just southern slang.

pixelsword2443d ago (Edited 2443d ago )

@ silent;

I think you mean Southern accent, right?

Although both are regional aspects of language, most so-called "urban" slang originated in what is considered the East or West coast (a generation or two before that, it was a Detroit/Southern thing to be sure).

Just debating whether to not I should go to kotaku to read the story, because it sounds like kotaku is AGAIN trying to invent a story where none exists if they guy quit and was not fired for what he said.

mistajeff2443d ago

As much as I agree that he was making a big deal over nothing, he has as much of a right to bitch about it as the game makers have to include whatever dialog they want. I don't agree with his bitching, but the price of free speech is having to put up with people saying a lot of stupid shit. It's good to know he wasn't terminated for it because that's excessive, but his comments should never have made headlines to begin with.

G20WLY2443d ago

Seems free speech came at a cost for this guy.

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e-p-ayeaH2444d ago

freedom of speech FTW...

And were talking about a fictional character here...

Moncole2443d ago

You only have freedom of speech if you are rich.

nosferatuzodd2443d ago

Mancole true talk only when you're Rich you have freedom of speech

Myze2443d ago (Edited 2443d ago )

I don't completely disagree or anything, but freedom of speech doesn't apply to an employer-employee relationship, nor should it. Unless you think an employee should be able to say whatever he/she wants to their boss and the boss, by law, be unable to reprimand them for it.

I would say this was a business decision on the part of the employer(it's likely, even if the guy quit, he was pushed to do so for his own benefit), in that if the employee was giving bad press to the company he was working for, he would become a liability not worth the trouble he's causing.

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