Blue & Red PS3 Slims to come to Australia

I know, you're all awaiting news on the new console & this isn't it. Hell, not only isn't it the news you've been waiting for, but it's news you probably couldn't care less about. But it's news so here tis;

Sony have officially announced that Australia will be receiving coloured PS3 slims as per other countries such as the UK. They'll be on sale at 'select stockists' from 21st February 2013.

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DarkBlood2445d ago

damn it sony stop avoiding canada lol i want that red super slim :P

GraphicX2445d ago

i think new zealand might be in the same boat, no special ps3 for them yet.

Karpetburnz2445d ago

damn it! New Zealand should get the same stuff Australia gets? cause I was thinking about getting another PS3 for a birthday present.

Sammo242445d ago

A quick search on EB games NZ website and Mighty Ape confirms that both colours will be released in NZ also. Albiet at a steep price.

MmaFan-Qc2445d ago

the red edition is already coming in canada, the blue isnt confirmed yet, so you have black, white and red, the choice is your.

DarkBlood2445d ago

really? i must of missed the news

the red ps3 will be a backup as my slim model still works since my phat one ylod, still have it though it just needs that thing to be reheated but i dont know anything about that stuff lol

hopefully the ps3 prices drop i may get a few for retro collection backup sake

Red_Orange_Juice2445d ago

I like red better, although I just got regular Slim in silver, it's awesome!

Donnieboi2445d ago

Dude can u send me a link as to wear I can get the original slim in silver? I seen a pic of it online and sweet sassy molassy, that thang is sexy!

MultiConsoleGamer2445d ago

If you pick the red console you see how deep the rabbit hole goes...

I_live_4_fun2445d ago

I would get a blue one if I ever needed a new PS3 :)

Axe992445d ago

I deffo like that blue :).

GraphicX2445d ago

interesting that these new coloured consoles launch only hours after the big playstation announcement slated for february 20th. leaves me wondering what the ps3 marketing team was thinking if they're announcing a ps4, then launching a new variation of the ps3. seems counter productive imo.

I_live_4_fun2445d ago

It could be that Sony is showing they will still strongly support the PS3 even if official details of the PS4 are announced on February 20th. I'm sure Sony will still want people to buy the PS3 even (or especially) if the rumours/speculations that the PS4 will be released later this year or some time next year are true.

Bathyj2445d ago

Im hoping the news of the PS4 with come with the news of an immediate PS3 price drop. Everyone will be in such a good mood, it would be the ideal time to spur sales, instead of slowing them.

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The story is too old to be commented.