$14.80 billion spent on video games in U.S. for 2012, according to research

GameZone writes, "Research from the 2012 Games Market Dynamics from The NPD Group, a global information company, has revealed that a total of $14.80 billion were spent on video game content in the United States for 2012."

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GalacticEmpire2446d ago (Edited 2446d ago )

$14.79 Billion of that was for premium DLC, which was already on the disc.

PopRocks3592445d ago

Since when do Capcom games make up 99.99% of the content in the industry?

showtimefolks2445d ago

i never understood the hate on EA yet the love for capcom who are IMO th bigger offender of misusing the DLC aspect and on disk locked dlc

ON Topic:

such a big industry yet people are the world don't take gaming industry serious. almost 15 billion in USA alone, think about the total yearly sale world wide.

Governments wants to shut down gaming yet 99.8% of us who play games actually don't plan on killing actual humans, yet we are looked as bad because we play a shooter or a zombie game

Mikefizzled2445d ago

Capcom don't have the nerve to cut content then release it day one. Prime example being From Ashes dlc in Mass Effect.

Chidori2445d ago

I contributed to that total of $14.80 billion and I'm proud of it.

2445d ago
g-nome2445d ago

Don't buy guns , buy games .

JAM_brz2445d ago


don't buy guns, buy consoles

don't buy bullets, buy games

Mikefizzled2445d ago

According to the past 40 news reports on this site you can't buy games without becoming a delusional sociopath with intent to commit mass murder though? Or have they missed the point a little

OhReginald2445d ago

This is the reason they will NEVER ban violence video games in the US......

bryam19822445d ago

Man thats a lot of money i need to stop buying so much games just las year i spend around 1,000$ in games both digital and on disc,for this year resolution i.promised my wife not to buy a game until i finish the bunch of games i haven't finish but i broke my promise and got me ni no kuni damn u sony, at least she dosent know yet lol

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