Kickstarter Knuggets 16

Many project coordinators on crowdfunding sites are realizing the difficulty of logistics. This week's first project is attempting to create a chess set out of a well-loved video game franchise. Do they have the licensing rights to do so?. Our second campaign is a young designer's first foray into independent development and publishing. Lastly our third project is now a gigantic crowdsourcing machine that has doubled its initial goals with weeks still left in its scheduled funding run. Some of the first big projects that reached funding on Kickstarter are starting to deliver their goods to their supporters. Will it be just as difficult for this, the second generation of indie developers, who are using crowdfunding platforms like Kickstarter for the first time?

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Godmars2902445d ago

I expect Cryamore to make an eventual appearance on the PSV/3DS, though I'd rather it be on PSN.

r212445d ago

If i had the cash, I'd kickstart Homesick and Craymore. Pretty unique games there.