Dead Space 3 PC Version Offers Extensive Graphics Settings, Contrary To Early Reports

GR - "The PC version of Dead Space 3 offers almost every option you could ever hope for in a PC port."

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brich2332448d ago

The game is highly Optimized, i been playing at the highest settings at 1080p with a Amd 7770 and Amd Phenom x4 955, it it runs between 50-80 fps easily. Sometimes i see 120fps.

shutUpAndTakeMyMoney2448d ago

lol to bad it will be pirated to hell with the current perception around the game. PC players will be loving the graphics while calling it a crappy port to justify a free copy. Business as usual. I fell sorry for the witcher 3 already.

kevnb2448d ago

and it will be resold, rented, and borrowed by most of the console crowd. They have already noticed that in past installments the amount of sales is way lower than the amount of people playing.

pr0digyZA2448d ago

Witcher 2 sold more on PC than 360, same reason why witcher 3 is lead platform.
Dead space obviously sells well enough, even with piracy, enough to make a profit and justify putting each sequel on it.

Twignberries2448d ago

Actually I'm a proud PC player, and I must say I don't know ONE SINGLE person who gets pirated versions of games like The Witcher. Now quit being butthurt that your dated console will never match the brute force that is PC gaming

starchild2448d ago (Edited 2448d ago )

Nope. I will be BUYING Dead Space 3. I bought the first two games and I loved them.

They look and play amazing on the PC.

Dead Space 3 actually has MORE options on PC than the previous two games in the series.

Edit @ below:
Disable vsync in game and then use Radeon Pro to force vsync and triple buffering. This will allow you to have vsync and 60fps.

MEsoJD2448d ago

Well it's on origin...

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kevnb2448d ago

you mean early pr. PR usually says every platform is exactly the same, even when one version is noticeably better or worse. Dont believe me, just check out pr for some of the bad ps3 versions.

ExitToExisT2448d ago

I think the frame rate is locked to 30. So not everything is good.

pr0digyZA2448d ago

Only if you enable Vsync, and I havn't noticed any tearing since switching it off (i5, 560ti)

ExitToExisT2448d ago

How can there be no tearing without Vsync? :S

tubers2448d ago

Jeez! Night and day difference! Thanks for reminding me to turn off that Vsync..

Maybe D3D Overrider would still work (Vsync @ 60 fps) just like DS 2? LOL I'm such a lazy bum I didn't try that yet :P

adorie2448d ago

I have to keep Vsync on or mine will tear like crazy.

pr0digyZA2448d ago (Edited 2448d ago )

Should clarify, I believe adaptive vsync is enabled for all my games in nvidia control panel, but no vsync is enabled in game.And D3DOverrider also works apparently.

If you have a good GPU and good monitor that can keep a steady frame-rate then you should have minimal to no tearing, from what I understand.

adorie2448d ago

"If you have a good GPU and good monitor that can keep a steady frame-rate then you should have minimal to no tearing, from what I understand."

That's true, but if your monitor can't handle the FPS because of lower refresh rates, then you need Vsync to stabilize the image so it won't tear.

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