Microsoft's court testimony: people want PCs, not operating systems

Cnet writes:

"I'm reading through the unsealed court documents, including internal Microsoft emails [PDF, 158 pages], from the federal lawsuit over the "Windows Vista Capable" program. It makes for fascinating reading at times.

As Todd Bishop of Seattle PI discovers, Microsoft clearly knew that it had serious compatibility issues on its hands. Microsoft's new Windows chief suggested that "People who rely on using all the features of their hardware...will not see availability for some time, if ever, depending on the [manufacturer]." What a cheery vote of confidence. Can I get some software from that guy?

But I found another email (Page 153) from Brad Goldberg, General Manager of Microsoft's Windows Client Product Management Group, much more telling. Why? Well, Goldberg seems to understand that the value of his Windows is dwarfed by the real value of the computer:

I wonder if Mr. Goldberg appreciates both the truth and the difficulty inherent in his comment that consumers are looking for a PC, not an OS. To me, he could not more clearly state, "Windows is a commodity. The end of (our) world is near."

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Bleucrunch3884d ago

They should have never released that crap called's a slap in the face to everyone and forcing people to upgrade is so wrong on so many levels now its coming back to bite them in the ass.

nitramn4g3884d ago

Did you know when buy a computer you can say no to the free copy of Windows. You can get linux instead or buy a Mac. Everybody complains about Microsoft but in the end everybody choose Windows.

colony3884d ago

allot of people dont know this you monkey.

iceice1233884d ago

They can be a smart consumer and look it up. Their fault not Microsofts.

nitramn4g3884d ago

We should give the people linux. I'm sure they would have no problem installing everything themselve?????? Colony, older people you know have a computer? would they change from Windows to something else?

Yi-Long3884d ago

... programs are only usable with Windows.
So in most cases, you kinda NEED Windows to use all those other programs that you DO want.

Kyur4ThePain3884d ago

So if someone walks into say, Best Buy / Circuit City they can ask them to remove Windows and install Linux? And they'll do that for free?
I honestly didn't know that.

LJWooly3884d ago

As long as the retailer has Linux/mac compatability in mind, then yes. However, a lot of retailers won't offer that service. You could always do it yourself, though. Linux is free, after all.

LJWooly3884d ago

The more people that buy Microsoft's crap, the more money Microsoft will make, thus encouraging them to continue making crap. If you have such a problem with Windows, don't buy it, or replace it with a better OS.

Think EA. If millions of people suddenly stopped buying their tired re-hashes of sports games, or crappy ports, they wouldn't keep making those games, and we'd have good US football games.

Nintendo haven't come up with an original concept in about 10 years, but because people still buy the various incarnations of the 'Mario' games, they figure they don't need to.

The power lies in the consumer. Problem is, the consumer often spends more time b*tching about the problem, than contributing to solving it.

George Washington3884d ago

wtf are you talking about. windows products are pretty good. back when windows xp came out they would never stfu about it and how slow it was. but 2 years in everyone likes it and its the industry standard. the same things going on with vista... and ps3 to an extent.

Deadlyhifi3884d ago

Not sure where the PS3 comes in to this.. but you are right. The only problem is that Microsoft never seem to make a good job of something first time. In the case of XP it wasn't until SP2 that it became stable. And once that was released XP was great. And still is. SP3 will only improve it further. The same will probably happen with Vista. And you can see the same in the xbox. They have the right ideas but take a few attempts to implement correctly.

ban fans3884d ago

They keep kicking crap out the door and people buy without really knowing about their options. I have XP at work and it is great. I have Vista at home and it sucks. I didn't know my options or the problems with Vista when I got my home computer, so maybe it is my fault for not doing some research, but I didn't think MS would go to market with such a bad product.

@ Deadlyhifi - You make a good point, but my question is why? Why do they bring a product to production if it is going to take so long to get the bugs out if they ever can. Same goes for the 360 and the RROD problems. You can't tell me they were unaware of these problems before going into production. There are few companies that can survive (or thrive in MS's case) by putting out product that needs to be repaired over the course of 2 to 3 years.

I am a small business owner, and if the products I sold were being returned for repair with the frequency that MS products are, I would be out of business.

LJWooly3884d ago

@ George: I wasn't saying that Windows is a bad operating system, it's just that a lot of people moan about Microsoft's 'crappy products', but to very little in their power to solve the problem. about eighty-something percent of home PCs run Windows operating systems, and a large portion of that percentage no doubt consists of people moaning about the quality of Microsoft's products.

People who don't like them shouldn't buy them, and hopefully when Microsoft start losing money, they'll learn that putting a little effort into giving the consumer the best experience possible actually pays off.

That way, everyone wins :)

nitramn4g3884d ago

What other company gives supports and patchs like M$. Name another company that made a better OS. One that I can buy and everything works. Don't say Linux, because I tried it and you have to do your own support and driver installation.

Deadlyhifi3884d ago

@ BanFans - I understand totally what you are saying. Not many companies would dare release the versions of software that microsoft do...However.. I sometimes wonder actually how bad it REALLY is.

For example.. If a product has a small install base.. generally bugs will be found and fixed with a minority of users even noticing. However in Microsofts case they don't have that luxury.. Most of the planet runs Windows.. and bugs get found quickly.. and people love to moan about them and how bad Microsoft are. They must have usability testing.. and we all know they have beta testing.. so somehow these things get through.. And as a programmer I know that bugs can be there for months and years before they bite you on your ass...

Saying all this though... As far as the 360 RROD is concerned.. that is a hardware problem.. and that SHOULD have been found... It annoys me as an xbox owner but does not put me off because saying all I have.. Microsofts customer service and support is excellent... Or at least I have found it to be. I can't account for everyone...

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