Top Ten Hack and Slash Games

Dealspwn: "We've been playing the MGR: Revengeance demo on repeat for the last week, and it made us think back to some of the other stellar hack and slash titles that the 3D era has gifted us. Time was when hack'n'slash referred to dungeon crawlers, but now it tends to encapsulate action titles fundamentally built around combat against multiple enemies at once. Here we shall find the industry's premier button mashers, reams of combo lists, and bushels of fast-paced, impossibly balletic, ego-boosting action..."

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gillri2449d ago

agreed Bayonetta is the best hack and slash ever!

oh man..that combat system was sublime!!!

wishingW3L2449d ago (Edited 2449d ago )

the game didn't age well though. Way too many QTE's that aren't as well implemented as in the God of War series.

Eurogamer did a retrospective review of DMC4 and ended up saying that the game not only aged better than Bayonetta but that it's better overall too.

gillri2449d ago

combat system still better

Skips2449d ago (Edited 2449d ago )

"combat system still better"

Debatable. I prefer God Of War's combat as it's much more fluid. Combined with it's epic scope and QTE actually done right. God Of War is just much more enjoyable IMO. Not to mention GOW3 on Chaos was actually challenging. Cuz I sort of breezed through Bayo on Climax pretty easily. lol

I just don't get how God Of War 3 ranks under Bayonetta when GOW3 pretty much slaughters Bayo in every other possible way. lol

Irishguy952449d ago (Edited 2449d ago )

I dunno, I recently replayed Dmc4 and Bayonetta(and heavenly sword), I think Bayonetta still has it.

" It rewards skill without hampering the player, constantly challenging and amazing in equal measure...not to mention occasionally startling us every once in a while.

It is frenetic, fluid, and dazzlingly fun, and it wipes the floor in terms of pure gameplay mechanics with absolutely every other pretender on this list."

From the article is correct

This is how I feel about God of war too

"If Capcom and Platinum take the crown for pure mechanics, then Sony Santa Monica ticks the boxes pretty much everywhere else"

I simply prefer amazing combat over everything God of war offers. It's why I play the Action game/hack-slash genre.

Also Sonic, gameplay is arguably the most important aspect in a game. If I were to judge Dark souls on it's story and would not be my favorite game this gen. However it is because the gameplay is simply amazing.

Anyhow, I can't wait for Rising, it looks like that will top the crowd for me.

Skips2449d ago

"Also Sonic, gameplay is arguably the most important aspect in a game. If I were to judge Dark souls on it's story and would not be my favorite game this gen. However it is because the gameplay is simply amazing."

That's the thing. I believe GOW3's combat is as if not more enjoyable than Bayonetta's.

MaxXAttaxX2448d ago

I got to about half way in Bayonetta and suddenly stopped caring.
With GOW though, I found the gameplay to be more fluid and the whole experience more enjoyable, personally.

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majiebeast2449d ago (Edited 2449d ago )

Bayonetta is overrated its at best a 7.

2449d ago
Eyeco2449d ago (Edited 2449d ago )

I actually prefer GOW 3, I liked Bayonetta more at first ,I initially didn't like any of the GOW games but they left a lasting impression on me I recently went back to play GOW 3 and it really is an outstanding game the level design is superb much superior to that of Bayonetta,

Some of the bosses are so huge there actually levels themselves, as in the level your on is a living breathing NPC, The sense of scale is mind blowing and the graphics my god just looks beautiful one level reminded me of Mordor from LOTR its looked that cinematic. other times your fighting a boss within a boss, Its also amazing how well the combat ties in with the levels.

I also found Kratos to be a far more compelling character, I didn't like the Bayonetta character that much just seemed like something for teenage boys to drool over,

Kratos while nasty, cruel, angry and unlikeable is one of the most fascinating VG characters I've ever played as, if anyone played it remember the level of the game where you take a trip into his mind that really stuck with me, you really see how screwed up and disturbed he is heck it even disturbed me, and it almost justifies his nasty being. Sorry for the semi-essay just really wanted to get that out.

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Myst2449d ago

I feel like playing Heavenly Sword again.... El Shaddai is pretty fun to but it may not be for everyone! I think people should give it a try I snagged it for 20 bucks :D

SOD_Delta2449d ago

I'd like a new Onimusha game, but with Capcoms current track record it's probably best the series doesn't make a return.

Eyeco2449d ago

ain't that a bitch about Capcom, they've got so many great franchises still left under their belt, like Mega Man Legends, Dino Crisis, Strider, Onimusha, Final Fight, but given their recent track record, I think its best that these franchises should just be left as history, much to my dismay.

NaAsAr2449d ago

I would like to see a heavenly sword 2, but i don't think that would happen. :(

Riderz13372449d ago

Got to disagree. The Hack and Slash title belongs to Kratos, The God of War. He will rise up and reclaim what is rightfully his in God of War Ascension.

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