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NYC_Gamer2449d ago

I'm happy CDPR would rather stay fresh instead of stuck making sequels

Mariusmssj2449d ago

Same here and it seems like their going to leave Witcher franchise on a high note!!! It's a bitter sweet news

Eldyraen2449d ago

I think its safe to assume most of us will miss The Witcher once its gone but I completely agree with why they're doing it.

It will allow them to put all their energies into new IPs once finished and give us entirely new worlds to explore. If they put as much passion into whatever else they make its all for the best--just hope it holds up as The Witcher series makes for high expectations. Really looking forward to seeing 3 in action as sounds very ambitious.

Hydralysk2449d ago (Edited 2449d ago )

It's strangely comforting to hear this. You always feel sad when a good series ends, but I'm really glad they understand it's better to go out with a satisfying climax than to milk it until interest starts to wane.

pandehz2449d ago

I approve this move.

Give us a fine Witcher 3 and end it with a bang. I already miss it thinking of it.

And then move on to other ventures.

aliengmr2449d ago

Certainly hope BioWare is watching.

Mariusmssj2449d ago

They got a lot to learn or just remember what they forgot!

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