Multiplayer Tactics We'd Like To See In Rainbow Six Patriots

The sequel's still coming, and Prima Games has some suggestions as to what should be in it for multiplayer fans.

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bunt-custardly2441d ago

Agree with most of this, but it seems unlikely as the game will no doubt try and cater to the COD crowd rather than keeping its individualism.

TheDCD2441d ago

Yeah, shame, it should try to stick with its roots.

TheFirstClassic2441d ago

Yeah that's the trend for shooters nowadays. Hopefully the game will be a true tactical shooter.

Mutant-Spud2441d ago

It won't matter if it is, the younger gamers have never experienced a tactical game, ie one that required planning and thought like the original Rainbow Six and Ghost Recon games. Publisher's aren't going to invest in a game which won't sell and today's gamers won't buy a game which is tactical in nature, at least not tactical in the old school use of the word.
I think "tactical" competitive multiplayer in console games is a forlorn hope, the only place I see people using tactics and proper communication is in co-op, Rainbow Six and Ghost Recon both need to ditch the team deatmatch and CTF and focus on building engrossing co-op and ruthless and realistic enemy AI. Terrorists don't behave the way the enemies do in these games, what I'd like to see is missions which have a specific goal requiring planning but with random elements and AI behaviour. How many times have we watched a documentary on troops in Afghanistan or Iraq and seen them sent to an objective only to find that on the ground it looks nothing like the sattellite photo, forcing them to improvise? That's the sort of "Tactical" gameplay I want to see, having to work around unexpected situations and you can't get that with human assholes and little children as your opposition.

Young_ART2441d ago

trust me guys, this is just going to be another cod clone. or, maybe not exactly a "clone" but a game catered to that crowd.

I went down this same road with the Socom franchise.

RIP socom

bunt-custardly2441d ago

Terrorist *unt...I mean Hunt used to offer some of the best tactical co-op gameplay around especially in the Rainbow Six 3 era, the Ghost Recon Island Thunder days. BUT. Look how Ubisoft changed the style of terrorist hunt in Future Soldier and made it a horde mode clone. Vegas was good also, but was the start of a toning down of the game once they introduced the user friendly regain health mechanics.

A lot of the tactical element is lost because of regain health. In this case simulating injury in a new way could be the thing that FPShooters need moving forwards. But alas. you know it ain't gonna happen because it wont sell to today's cod crowd.

We just need one man at Ubisoft, to stand up and say "Enough is enough. Let's do something new".

boldscot2441d ago

Yeah and the poor man would probably loose his job, gaming is dying at the hands of greedy Devs and publishers.
It won't be long before we have a game that can be cleared simply by putting it in your computer.

Jovahkiin2441d ago (Edited 2441d ago )

Cannot wait. My favourite franchise.