Square-Enix Vice Prez talks Wii

In a recent interview, Square-Enix Vice President Koichi Ishii, also known for being the producer of the "Mana" series, talks about the Wii - mentioning Square's involvement with the virtual console, the possibility of a Mana game on Wii, and details on the Nintendo DS' Children of Mana's Multiplayer aspects, which, he confirmed, will not be online.

calderra6436d ago

I'd hate to see Square actually put new, killer titles on something besides a Playstation. That'd just destroy their world, wouldn't it? lollerskates.

Cool to see the involvement- but they're basically only talking about handing out olde tyme leftovers.

AP6436d ago

But Wii gets Crystal Chronicles!!

...Yeah, they need to put out something new, really. Same old, same old.

specialguest6436d ago

since i'll also be supporting the Wii, this is not a lost at all. this is actually a big gain, because it introduces a new way to play these SquareEnix RPG with the Wii remote.

as long as the official FF series stays on the PS3, i'll be fine.

ChickeyCantor6436d ago

"I'd hate to see Square actually put new, killer titles on something besides a Playstation. That'd just destroy their world"

why would that happen? it started on the nintendo anyway.


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Crows9024d ago

Pure unadulterated fun. They don't make them like this anymore...especially not the triple A industry.

FinalFantasyFanatic24d ago

Back when video rental was a thing, I rented out Majoria's Mask, I never finished it though. I did buy the 3DS version before the eshop shutdown, so maybe one day I'll finally play through the whole thing, it's amazing how well these games hold up though. I briefly played Ocarina of Time for a while and it was really fun.