Dead Space 3: EA Cherry Picks High Scores, Claims 91 Average

NowGamer: Despite current Metacritic rating of 79, EA pushes forward its own version of events.

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Root2444d ago

Which is now way, way lower

phantomexe2444d ago

I've been playing dead space 3 all day and it's just like DS 1 and 2. You are missing out on a great game my friend. Rent it at some point.

Root2444d ago

No thanks, my mate has it, seen it, played it and thats what I'm basing my opinions off. The guy wished he rented it now to be honest

It's now just a generic over the top third person action game and if we DO get DS4 (god forbid) then it will be even worse because EA know they can do whatever they want because we'll buy into it.

Servbot412443d ago

I would have rented it and possibly purchased it via Gamefly, but the online pass killed that for me.

Revolver_X_2442d ago

Root you didnt play it. Your just a pathetic troll. You have trollish websites like Gamereactor Denmark and Sweden. Two supposedly different websites with the same score and even the review itself is identical in many respects. Eurogamer and its Italy counterpart have different reviews with different scores.

Theres not 1 negative review, and the low mixed reviews, are filled with so many inaccuracies its ridiculous

aLucidMind2443d ago (Edited 2443d ago )

Like anyone will be surprised, it's EA; just look at ME3 and how BioWare/EA handled that shitstorm. They just ridiculed the fans that didn't like the ending and made cheeky, backhanded comments one after the other for quite a while in the beginning. Hell, one of their advertisements brazenly stated "the ending fans are still talking about" as though most of the fans talking about the ending were speaking GOOD things about it.

Murad2443d ago

Actually, you're wrong. Right after the events of ME3, the "shitstorm", EA was nominated and actually won the worst company of the year if I can recall correctly. And after that, they started listening to their viewers more. So if shit hits the fan again, EA is truly going to jeopardize their chances of even making titles that are worth selling anymore.

Hydralysk2443d ago

When the hell did EA start listening to their 'viewers'? They won the worst company award sure, but I haven't seen any shift from their usual business practices since then.

Murad2443d ago

When? Do you not remember the new EA ending, or that survey thing? I personally believe that it was a way to get people to hate them less.

UnHoly_One2443d ago

That whole mess still makes me angry every time I think about it.

What a way to ruin a great series of games. I never would have thought it possible.

chukamachine2443d ago

Who cares about the average, if you like the game play it, and if you don't. Nose out.

DaPrintz2443d ago

Yeah man. I got to chapter 10 last night and I have to say that this game is great. There is a lot of health and ammo, but the amount of damage you take early and the sheer speed of enemies warrants it I think. I'm not sure I like the weapon crafting, but everything else is what I wanted. The dread of moving forward is definitely still there if you're playing at the right difficulty.

antz11042443d ago

Plus, its only been out for a day. More reviews are going to come out, and the average will go up. If you're a fan of the series just play it and find out for yourself.

Fairchild Channel F2443d ago

Um, what company doesn't cherry pick scores? Have you ever seen "4.5!" on a game box? Or "Not game of the year!". It's called PR Marketing and it's present in everything in life.

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