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GR: During the PlayStation 2 era, there were three action platforming franchises that were key to Sony's first-party lineup, and in my opinion, Sly Cooper was the weakest series of the trio. Its strengths weren't in the mechanics or actual gameplay but rather the gorgeous art and quirky humor. As such, it wasn't much of a surprise to see Sucker Punch move onto a new franchise when the PlayStation 3 rolled around, and ultimately I believe they were better served for it.

Instead, Sony passed the thieving raccoon's torch over to Sanzaru Games, a studio that had proven they could make a pretty-looking Sly game thanks to their work on the high-def ports for PS3. Unfortunately, that's about all fans have to look forward to in Sly Cooper: Thieves in TIme, as this fourth entry in the series does little to push the platforming genre forward.

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TrendyGamers2450d ago (Edited 2450d ago )

It seems to be getting either 9's or 6.5's so far.

Sev2450d ago

The 9s surprise me. It's good, but it isn't great.

dbjj120882450d ago

Holy polarizing review scores, Batman! Honestly, that picture up above is all I need to know to stay away. Can't stand furries.

doctorstrange2450d ago

Where did the teddy bear touch you?

dbjj120882450d ago

You mean the raccoon? First it went through my garbage and then it touched my junk!

Wedge192449d ago

I'd probably stay away, except for the discounted price and cross buy. I loved the old Sly games, and I really need something for my Vita.

knifefight2449d ago

Will this eventually be free with PS Plus?