Battlefield: Bad Company Multiplayer Hands-On by GameSpot

GameSpot played Gold Rush on one map during EA's GDC event in seven versus seven matches (all on Xbox 360s -- the final game will support 24 players for both the 360 and PS3). The map -- called Ascension -- was set in a high mountain village with plenty of different levels connected by steep paths, and at 1km by 1km wide, is one of the smaller maps in the game.

In most other multiplayer shooters, defending a checkpoint usually involves finding some good cover in which to pummel any approaching attackers from, as the onus is on the attacking team to continue moving. However, being able to blow apart any cover (and any player hiding behind it) changes the strategy of defending, as GameSpot saw first-hand during their multiplayer games. Gold crates were usually hidden inside buildings and other structures, but it was folly to stay behind cover in one spot as all that was required was one well-placed rifle grenade shot to blow a camping defender to smithereens. Thus, both defenders and attackers are forced to continually keep moving in Bad Company.

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Fishy Fingers3887d ago

24 players? im disappointed by that, i was hoping for 32 minimum. Hopefully the maps wont be to large then, or its gonna be more hide and seek than warfar.

phonyforceslayer3887d ago

but look what they done with cod4 smallish maps turned out fine.
so if they do good with this. it should be the same if not better than cod4

games4fun3887d ago

what you mean but i can live with 12v12 if it is done right. As long as a bunch of stuff is destructible i'll be happy.

decapitator3887d ago

So I guess they were impressed. 24 players is not that bad. I have been following this game for a while now. I just hope they will just announce a release date already.

phonyforceslayer3887d ago

hopefully it should be good. hype it up a bit people
get it known

bourner3886d ago

it said at the bottom that is should be released in june

mariusmal3887d ago

yeah 24 players online is good. the only thing i didn't liked in cod4 was that supported few players online. my fault maybe, i used to play Battlefield 2 with 32 or 64 players online.

iNcRiMiNaTi3887d ago (Edited 3887d ago )

yea i still play the game from time to time, not as much as i used to..

i got cod4 on launch day and it supported 24 players back then. free-for-all was only 8 people i think and ground wars [team based games back then] were up to 24 people, then like a week or two later their servers got messed up [360 and ps3 from what i heard] and they brought it down to 18, the back of the box even says up to 24 players

cant wait to see how bad company ends up with the destructible environments and all, hopefully they can keep it at a steady framrate

mariusmal3886d ago

yeah but i got sick of upgraing pc's every year, i got cod4 for x360

CaliGamer3887d ago

EA, making a game worth taking notice of on the PS3? I'm still skeptical, I will need to see footage of the PS3 version thought my strong dislike for EA will probably force me to go no farther than a rental.

Game sounds solid overall.

kwicksandz3886d ago

Hows burnout paradise or skate sound, two excellent ps3 games by the devil EA.

CaliGamer3886d ago (Edited 3886d ago )

I am not a skater, and the only Burnout titles I buy are from the bargain bin because I can't see myself paying 60 big ones for a racing game other than GT. So I guess when speaking about me your wrong.

Don't really see the relevance of your reply but game on bro, glad you enjoyed those two EA games.

And how does that make me a fanboy? So I guess since I don't like Milk I must be a fanboy, or since I don't like beef, that must also make me a fanboy? I guess anyone who doesn't enjoy what you do is a fanboy in your eyes?

Goodness, the logic of some people these days. I rest my case.

Good day to you sir.

Play B3yond3886d ago

I wonder if you can plant a whole bunch of C4 onto a house sneakily then blow it up will the whole house come tumbling down?What would it look like for the people inside(maybe a minigame kinda thing where they have to escape the house before its blown down, or try ur best to run out)?