Namco Bandai sales: Tekken Tag Tournament 2, Tales of Xillia 2, more

Namco Bandai has shared its third quarter fiscal results. In the report, the publisher outlined new sales of titles released in recent months.

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Mocat2085d ago

Glad to see tekken doing better

blackbirdi2085d ago (Edited 2085d ago )

really low numbers thats' really bad for namco bandai : just look to TTG 2 was only sold 1.6 million on 3 platforms

Baka-akaB2085d ago (Edited 2085d ago )

Not really .

T6 wasnt really that well received among players and yet had strong sales and long legs with now 3.5 millions

The third platform just got released and barely count yet in the total

Tag 2 was released around quite a few other blockbusters , especially the sports kings .

Tag 2 pretty much sold the same amount than t6 in its release months , if not better and will have strong legs too .

Could do better , and deserved better , but the franchise is fine in a rather pack genre .

TheyDontLoveYou2085d ago

tekken 6 did have long legs. but when you're selling the game at 10 dollars a pop that really doesn't help.
Hopefully this is a wake up call of namco and they reboot tekkens archaic ps1 movement.

Baka-akaB2085d ago (Edited 2085d ago )

except that's not how it went . T6 sold two million easily around it's release , most of it at retail price most likely .

And Namco probably didnt spit on the extra dough from the remaining sales .

Seems more like you guys expect too much , rather than the franchise being in any trouble .

Tekken 3 breaking 7 millions was a one time thing in a vastly different era , and only matched by Street fighter 2 in yet another era .

DivineAssault 2085d ago

release tales of hearts & innocence on vita in the states.. As well as xillia 2 to boost them numbers up

Baka-akaB2085d ago (Edited 2085d ago )

Quite good , didnt the first sold 700k ? Direct sequels always perform less for Tales of games , and Xilia 2 boast some of the most impressive sales for such sequels

Minato-Namikaze2085d ago

Thanks i just wanna make sure more JRPG games get localaized

IAMERROR2085d ago

For a tales game? Yes it's pretty good. Hope it gets localized after we get the first one.

Hanso2085d ago

ill buy the first Xillia day 1
im a new Tales fan after playing graces f^^
now im playing Abyss i think im almost at the end
I love the Tales games!

blackblades2085d ago (Edited 2085d ago )

I wanna see how much TOGF sold.