How To Ruin Xbox Live For Others

How to ruin Xbox Live for everyone else.

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TrevorPhillips3886d ago

woow thats a nice way to ruin xbox live for others lol

TrevorPhillips3886d ago

awesome video though how that guy pissed on his plasma ahaha :)

TrevorPhillips3886d ago

man i should of post this video on badjoystick

George Washington3886d ago

seriously wtf man.why are you always leaving 3 first comments?! even on badjoystick your the only one with comments. its like your talking to yourself.

rofldings3886d ago (Edited 3886d ago )

You guys haven't seen the Matrix? If so, his comments make sense, but annoying.

TrevorPhillips3886d ago

in 45mins im gonna post this on badjoystick

GETPWNED3885d ago

No one gives a sh1t. You're worthless.

mariusmal3886d ago

for an undercover agent...u sure aren´t stealthy ;)

GodsHand3886d ago

That's not one guy, those are copies of the original.

As for ruining xbox live, just unplug the modem.

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The story is too old to be commented.