Koei has "no idea" if Disgaea 3 will release in Europe

Speaking to videogaming247, Koei Europe's admitted it has no clue if Disgaea 3 for PS3 will make it to Europe at all. Koei handles all Nippon Ichi RPGs in Europe. The game was announced for US release yesterday, to be handled by NIS.

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Dark_Overlord3887d ago (Edited 3887d ago )

This is the reason why region free games are great, i'll just import it from the US. Thats if its not released here in the UK, which would be a stupid idea on Koeis part if they didn't

[email protected]3887d ago

Ok, I know that's a little off-topic but that image isn't of Disgaea 3.

Darkiewonder3887d ago

Let's pretend it is.

But right now, ps3 games are region free. the only thing that isn't is if they stick to regional patches. then EU may be screwed if they import. Disgaea 3 has the space to have Multilanguage tracks. Let's hope that when they localize it for US they stick in other languages if it's only text.

DrWan3886d ago

from the USA if u speak english, it's no big deal.