Dead Space 3 Review: Chewed Up, Spit Out, And Back For More | GameInformer

GameInformer: "As long as mankind has existed, our base instincts have included survival and tool creation. Visceral Games’ latest entry in its acclaimed horror franchise expertly taps into these core desires."

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Psychotica2449d ago

Wow, that's a pretty high score. Seems a little suspicious considering how other sites are rating it well below that.

KING852449d ago (Edited 2449d ago )

I guess it's a matter of taste more than anything. I'm figuring he probably enjoyed it more than other reviewers and maybe looked past its faults. Who knows? I guess if anyone is remotely interested give it a rent and judge it for yourself that way you're not out $50-$60 if you don't like it. If there's no rental service where you live wait for that inevitable price drop. You know there will be one in a matter of weeks for a sale as all games do through Amazon or your local retailer.