Exclusive Screen of Shadow of the Colossus 2

Our secret agent managed to extract massive amounts of awesome in the form of 8 days info but s/he also managed to snag a screen for Shadow of the Colossus 2, the one of two new titles that's being developed by Sony's Team Ico studio.

There seems to be a green, arachnid-esque colossi on the right that was blurred out intentionally by the developer. (Or by our spy, who knows.) But the real treat is the picturesque desert scene.

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gamesblow5083d ago

Total garbage... ahhaahah... Not even close, folks. Not even close, unless they have another game they're working on. the game I know about has to do with the Ocean, A missing link, Sea Creatures and the abyss.

Iamback5083d ago

It seems like PSinformer is following your site and your rumors and then try to makes their own stories out of it. Like yesterday with 8days and tears of blood

HarryEtTubMan5083d ago


xhi45083d ago


I swear this ps3informer website is becoming the place for leaks i swear.

First they get those awesome leak on 8 days and the two screenshots of development shosts that are spot on. I lurv dis website lol

Just another game to add to my must buy list =D

Iamback5083d ago

They stole storis/rumors from gamesblow, check his site to see date, he posted info way before them, more detailed info.

sonarus5083d ago

lol 5th most anticipated game now. sony gamers day is going to be fantastic with so much to show. my most wanted
2.8 days
4.Resistance 2
5. Shadow of the collosus

Now blow me away

hazeblaze5083d ago

I'm looking forward to Team ICO games but I don't believe that's real... looks WAY too real.

gaffyh5083d ago

This is a complete fake, for one it's badly photoshopped and two, Team ICO games have a certain style and colouring, this is too bright and vibrant to match that style. Also I doubt that the next game will be a Shadow of the Collossus 2, it will most likely go in a different direction like it went from Ico to Shadow of the Colossus

NO_PUDding5083d ago

Mainyl becuase all of Ueda's games are based on artists and not photorealism, this is far too un-stylised for Ueda...

And a sequel is not his style, especially a sequel that doesn't follow the artistic inspiration of Giorgio De Chirico

decapitator5083d ago

Is hard for me to tell which is the worse website ? PS3informer or PSU ?

Btw, this has been proven fake. It is a freaking photoshop. Those asshats are funking with heart. I heart ICO, but I don't want them messing with me like that.

NO_PUDding5083d ago

I had said about both thgins posted by this site it was all fake...

Check my comments if you don't dig. I am about to check them to see if anyone replied assily, so I can have a retort ready :P.

I love a good bit of conflict! Heh, jokes.

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gamesblow5083d ago (Edited 5083d ago )

Is this the same site? What a joke... "shakes head" Man, these people. I dunno what to say here. Other than, well... wait and see who's right, I suppose.

Total nonsense how I can't be considered a legit source but all these other smacks can. Not this site inparticular, I've no idea who they are and maybe they ahve seen eightdays, it sounds like they know more about it than I do... so, hey. That's cool.

But, as I said... The next ICO project "that I know about" is going to deal with the ocean as far as I know. They might have another game in the works but I'm not aware of it.

If they do have another game in the works it's no doubt the PSP version of Shadow of the Collosus or ICO or something. That's my take.

Iamback5083d ago

Yes same site

SUP3R5083d ago

You two are the same person!!!!!
You're giving yourself credibility? How much more of a depressed attention craving clown can you be?!

This is hilarious!

As least PS3informer has exclusive pictures!
Where are yours?! LOL

UnblessedSoul5083d ago (Edited 5083d ago )

Looks awesome :omg, that's if it's real of course

Ok now I've looked at it closely it's photoshoped

gamesblow5083d ago

Please don't think that pic is real... That is so fake, folks. Look at it for Sam F*CKs sakes.

xhi45083d ago

your the fella with the myspace blog aye

What the hell man?

two stories crediting you got taken down..........i was like what the hell.....

and they were posted as "RUMOUR" and taken down because it wasn't labeled as a 'rumour' or some crap like that..............????

Anyway keep the good work up man, great job on 8 days and send us a pm if you get ne new info.......i lurrvvv new info lol

cLiCK_sLiCK95083d ago

Gamesblow only has 2 bubbles??
You deserve more.
Bubbles for you.