Surfer Girl: Talks about GTA and Rockstar, as well as the BBC "Speechless" Game..

Surfer girl writes: Rockstar is fully owned by Take-Two and it will stay that way, as will the Grand Theft Auto franchise. Remember what happened when co-founder and chief Terry Donovan left Rockstar? Whilst Terry was on Rockstar, Terry, Sam and Dan were known as "the three-headed monster." If the Housers left Rockstar, the same would happen. There is pretty much NO ONE who would follow the Housers on their way out. A new company from them would hardly be a force to be reckoned with.

"I don't mean to be a tease - all I can say is that I was left speechless. If the footage I was shown truly is "in game", as told to me by the Sony PR people, then we could be on the brink of a step change in what games consoles are capable of in terms of story-telling and immersion." - BBC reporter

Surfer girl is fairly certain that, this is Quantic Dream's Heavy Rain. The characters are full of idiosyncrasies, they may hesitate before the speak, and most importantly, they look and behave in a realistic, convincing manner unlike any other that I have seen in a game. On top of this, the characters (and the game itself) are so well-written, there is a discernible depth that will create an attachment from the player far greater than the typical cardboard avatar.

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Iamback3975d ago

MS.Hit or miss

Who cares!

GamesBlow is only one i trust from now on, he is only one that gives ton on info on stuff/ rumors.
All Surferguy knows to do is answer with "Yes or No"

Lifendz3975d ago

on a different note, I'm glad to hear Sony always has something up their sleeves. On top of the games we already know about there's some stuff that's just going to surprise us all. Can't wait.

ry-guy3975d ago

Gamesblow? Are you kidding me?

At least Surfergirl was able to predict accuratly the obivious that Gears of War 2 would be announced at GDC. I said the obivious.

However Gamesblow said we'll see a new Xbox announced at GDC as well as some other lame prediction.

Gamesblow also said that the Ghostbusters game would be a PS3 exclusive.

Gamesblow is some Gamestop manager whose insider information is the computer system which he surfs for titles that pop up.

Give me a break, he is worse than Surfergirl.

SUP3R3975d ago

Especially from blogs LOL!!
Gamesblow was wrong about everything that was happening at GDC and he insists in-game XMB is coming next week lol. If I don't get any in-game XMB next week consider him placed at the bottom of the barrel out of the three.

xhi43975d ago

He think's its Heavy Rain. The other guy KNOWS it's Tears of something.......which one is it?

CaptainMeatwad3974d ago

is the game the PS3informer guy said this was. I'm not sure why, but I kinda believe him/her more than Surfergirl. Just a hunch I guess, but they do seem to be in quite the "know-zone" when it comes to rumor patrol (judging from the Eight Days thing) ಠ_ಠ

Charlie26883975d ago

"Surfer girl is fairly certain that, this is Quantic Dream's Heavy Rain"

mmm more guessing? cuz PS3informers has already "confirmed"...twice it was Tears of Blood and they even came with more info for Eight Days so I guess they are more credible when coming up with insiders info

but keep on guessing Girl since it seem to make you gain instant credibility!

I wonder were is the XBL Goldeneye that was suppose to be announced friday at GDC? I mean her pal SWEARED it was going to happen

Iamback3975d ago

I told you it is hit or miss with her. And it is not Heavy Rain, that game has been made by a French studio, BBC guy saw game that was made by one of Sony ENGLISH studios.
And BTW GamesBlow was first one to talk about Tears of Blood, way back in May of 2007(check his blog for confirmation), few weeks ago he wrote full description of that game and was first to leek info on 8 days with again full description. When has Surferguy done that?

GamesBlow might be controversial in delivering his messages, but he has been way more right that SurferGuy or SkaterGuy

ry-guy3975d ago

You know. I'm betting you're Gamesblow under a new name.

Would you stop it with your myspace blog. Please.

SUP3R3975d ago

I'm thinking the samething.

gamesblow3975d ago

I thought she'd be done with her lies for a week atleast after her posting all those GDC pics for everyone. She's such a liar.

As for Bond... Yeah, there is a bond game coming to the xbox 360 and it's called War Hound. Bank shot it, folks.

SUP3R3975d ago

So in-game XMB next week right? lol
ha ha ha clown

butterfinger3975d ago

There can only be one! I hope you're right gamesblow.

Superiorrior3975d ago

I rather believe heavy rain which at least is in the realm of reality than Magna Carta, thats just bullshit, and spinning around 8 days to sound like a Killzone 2 tech destroyer, sigh more bologna.

Gazman3975d ago

cutandpaste girl go away no creds no nothing.

Now a word from:

Mountain-Climbing Hermaphrodite here once again while typing in random words in google and looking at gaming sites I have come up with this dribble, last week I told you that GTA5 would be a atari 2600 exclusive I was wrong Sleep deprivation was the cause must sleep must stop being a drop kick. GTA5 is a sega master system exclusive.

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