Over 90 new screenshots of Crisis Core: FFVII

Square Enix has released over 90 screenshots of Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII in English, most of them feature gameplay.

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Sophie3938d ago

Ouah ! This game is so beautiful, I'm so exiting to play with it !

meepmoopmeep3938d ago

day one purchase for me, man. i can finally get my RPG fix even though it's not turn-based

ericnellie3938d ago

NOW is the time for me to buy a PSP =) I'm a Final Fantasy addict!!

PS3Freak3938d ago

Sweeet i was gonna ask if it was gonna be real time or turn based but u answered my question for me. Im really happy that its not turn based because to me turn based reminds me of EVERY other rpg ever, im glad things are finally changing. I hope FFXIII will be real time as well.

Leathersoup3938d ago

... if they release anymore screenshots nobody will have to play the game...

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