Videogamer: Patapon Review

Videogamer writes: We've had some strange genre combos in video games over the years. Puzzle Quest must go down as the most successful hybrid game though, with its RPG character development systems being brilliantly fused with a traditional puzzle game mechanic for battles. Savage on the PC mixed first-person with RTS and Spore seems to want to offer a different game type for each of its main stages of evolution. So where does Sony's quirky PSP title Patapon fit in? Well, it's a rhythm action game mixed with an RTS. How didn't you guess?

All joking aside, Patapon is without doubt the most unique game I've ever played. On a purely visual level you'd imagine it to be a more action oriented LocoRoco - in fact Patapon is from the same development studio - but you actually have no direct control over the on-screen characters, at least not in the usual way. Your army of Patapon warriors, who are incidentally fighting to get to an object only known as "It", are controlled by the Almighty (that's you) by beating four drums to certain beats. At first it's completely bizarre but soon becomes second nature as you command your troops to advance, attack, charge and retreat.

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